Jang Do Yeon’s Mother Bids Tearful Goodbye To Nam Tae Hyun As Couple Steps Down From “In-Laws In Practice”

Jang Do Yeon’s mother teared up while saying farewell to Nam Tae Hyun on tvN’s “In-Laws in Practice.”

On the December 28 episode of the variety show, Jang Do Yeon and Nam Tae Hyun spent their final day together as a fantasy married couple.

Jang Do Yeon’s mother gave Nam Tae Hyun hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) and a blanket as a parting gift. Nam Tae Hyun commented, “I could really feel the sincerity in her hanbok and blanket gifts, so I thought that [Jang Do Yeon’s mother] is a really elegant person.”

The couple stepped out in their matching hanbok and looked like a real married couple. They then bowed to Jang Do Yeon’s mother, who began to get emotional.

During her interview, the comedienne’s mother said, “I felt emotional. I thought, ‘Did Do Yeon really get married?’ and I became emotional.” Nam Tae Hyun comforted her and Jang Do Yeon was surprised by her mother’s reaction.

In her interview, Jang Do Yeon’s mother explained, “The thought of this being a TV show disappeared and it made me think that they were married, so I think that’s why I cried.” Thinking back to that moment, she choked up and began to cry once again.

Jang Do Yeon explained in her interview, “I received hanbok as a gift while being a promotional ambassador. The designer asked me to wear it when I get married in the future and hoped that it would help me shine on a really happy day. That was the hanbok that my mom brought here today [for me to wear], so I think that was why she became even more emotional.”

Jang Do Yeon’s mother then took out a handwritten letter that her husband had prepared for Nam Tae Hyun. The letter began, “It feels awkward to write a letter to a son-in-law that I haven’t even met. There’s a saying that you should volunteer if you want to become happy, but I think that gaining an amazing son-in-law like you is also a way to find happiness.”

The letter continued, “I think that a married couple makes up for each other’s shortcomings as they live together. Do Yeon is an only child, so I think that you’re going to have to give her lots of love. Parents hope for their child to live healthily and happily. Is it just me who thinks of you not only as a son-in-law but as a son? Even after the cameras stop rolling, I hope that you can maintain your good relationship. I hope you live wisely and admirably [in the future]. I ask that you take good care of my daughter.”

After reading the letter, Nam Tae Hyun commented, “Thank you so much. He’s so romantic. Even after the cameras stop rolling, I’ll continue to meet up with [Jang Do Yeon] and maintain our good relationship.”

Jang Do Yeon’s mother told Nam Tae Hyun, “When you appear on ‘Immortal Songs,’ [my husband] calls me [to come and watch], saying that our son-in-law is on TV. Then, when your performance is over, he changes the channel. Then he calls me again when it’s time for the results.”

Nam Tae Hyun and Jang Do Yeon then took some family photos together with her mother to commemorate the day, marking the end of the couple’s time on the show.

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