7 Ways BTS's V Is A Captivating Performer On Stage

Whether it be angsty looks, devilish smirks, or sparkling smiles, Kim Taehyung is a performer that showcases many different emotions. His voice is raspy and smooth all at once, but his dance and acting skills only amplify his performances. He always puts on a bewitching stage that can’t help but draw eyes towards him. Here are seven different ways V has dazzled us during his performances!

The “Singularity” Smirk

If you know V, then you definitely know of that signature smirk he gives the crowd just as he brings his mask up to his face. It never fails to make the crowd go completely wild. He radiates the sensual and enigmatic vibe the song has, as he questions what he has gained or perhaps lost from love.

Longing and melancholy in “Spring Day”

“Spring Day” is one of BTS’s most impassioned songs and V captures that effortlessly. He not only masters the choreography that augments the emotional impact of the song, but he also perfectly shadows the ephemerality of the song on his face, especially as he leads into the lyric, “You know it all/ you’re my best friend.” Here’s a video that focuses him throughout the magnificent performance.

Staring right into the camera

Of course, there’s nothing more captivating than when V looks straight into the camera. At the end of “I’m Fine” it certainly feels like he’s staring into your soul! His look embodies the somberness that underlies the song. The song is about finally being okay and pulling yourself out from a nightmare. So perhaps, V’s stare encompasses him staring at the wreckage he’d finally escaped from. Who knew one look could say so much? What an actor!

His hand in “Singularity”

Anyone else still have a hard time putting together that it’s his hand? Even the rest of the BTS members have previously commented that the choreography for “Singularity” is really difficult. However, V always pulls it off with finessed expertise. His hand always seem to be someone else’s until he slides his arm out of that red coat.

The choreography for this song alone speaks to his dedication and talent as a performer, but he also even knows all the choreography to the other members’ solo songs. Recently, he dived in as a backup dancer during Suga’s “Seesaw” performance. You can watch him do all the “Love Yourself” solo choreographies in this compilation below from their V Live about “Love Yourself: Answer.”

Sticking out his tongue

Of course, this expression will drive anyone crazy. His wild and lively demeanor always flourishes during their upbeat songs, like “IDOL.” He completely encaptures the confidence and happiness the song discusses!

Bonus: while all of BTS give the word alluring a new meaning as they sit down confidently at the end of “IDOL,” V picked up a lot of attention as he smiled after their “America’s Got Talent” performance.


V and Jin’s legendary “So What” skits

These two were made to goof off together. A staple of the “Love Yourself” tour was when they would sing their bridge in “So What” and do something new every show. They completely let go, just as the song suggests, and have a grand time! Here’s a compilation of them below!

Looking into ARMYs eyes

Perhaps one of his most touching performance habits is looking into the eyes of all the ARMYs that surround him. In many of their performances, especially “Answer: Love Myself,” you can often see V looking around slowly trying to make eye contact with everyone. His hand usually goes up to his heart and it’s quite sentimental. In this particular fan-cam he even gets emotional!

These are just a few details about his performances that would charm anyone into being a fan! Comment below your favorite part about V’s performances! 

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