Jo Byung Gyu Responds To Online Claims That He Perpetrated School Violence

On December 31, actor Jo Byung Gyu wrote a response on his official fan café to recent claims that he had participated in school violence.

The claims surfaced earlier the same day on various online communities in the form of a post titled “Jo Byung Gyu is a perpetrator of school violence.” The writer of the post alleged that they were a classmate of Jo Byung Gyu during elementary and middle school and uploaded a photo of Jo Byung Gyu.

The writer of the post stated that during their school days, Jo Byung Gyu would rate the legs of female students and swear and spit at them when they passed by. In addition, the poster alleged that Jo Byung Gyu and his friends had targeted the poster with comments like “You smell” when they passed by. The poster wrote, “I want people to know that Jo Byung Gyu is not a kind person.”

The following is Jo Byung Gyu’s response:

I have understood that there has been a post about me in relation to school violence. I will transmit the true facts to you now.

I went to school in Korea for about 9 months before studying abroad in New Zealand. When I returned to Korea, I threw myself into acting and lost contact with my former middle school classmates. Because of my acting career, my classmates perceived me as someone who had no interest in school and played around.

This is true even now, but when I was younger, I lived without bending to the way other people saw me. I have thought that there may have been more trouble caused by this refusal to be led around by the nose. I have never done this.

I am in the middle of a project and I feel like I would rather die than bring blame upon the project because of any controversies about me. If this news becomes even bigger, I will release an official statement through my agency after the project ends.

Jo Byung Gyu is currently appearing in the JTBC drama “SKY Castle.”

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