Idols Born In The Year Of The Pig Talk About 2018 And Their Dreams + Share New Year's Messages

2019 is the year of the golden pig! This is special as gold is a symbol of wealth and the pig is a symbol of luck. With these two lucky symbols combined, many people are hoping that their hopes and dreams come true in 2019.

The media outlet Sports Chosun spoke to many K-pop stars born in the year of the pig (24 years ago in 1995 or early 1996) about their best and worst memories from 2018 and their hopes for the new year. The idols also shared a new year’s message for their fans.

Check out what the stars had to say below!

TWICE’s Nayeon

“In 2018, I had a really meaningful year thanks to many people,” began Nayeon. “TWICE released four albums, held solo concerts in Korea and abroad, and spent precious time with our fans by receiving many meaningful awards at year-end ceremonies. I think that all of this was possible because of the fans who cheer for TWICE and the great love we receive from the public. I was sincerely grateful this past year.”

Nayeon continued, “While greeting the new year, it’s something that I’m thinking about again, but I’m always wondering how I can repay the love received from fans and how to show them a good appearance. I hope these kinds of thoughts, efforts, and processes become combined and reach our ONCEs [TWICE’s official fandom].”

She concluded, “In 2019, I’ll work hard to give good music, performances, and TWICE’s unique energy. Please look upon us fondly as you do now. Please be healthy in the new year and I hope it’s always only full of happy things. Thank you.”

DIA’s Huihyeon

Huihyeon said, “I worked hard to prepare for DIA’s comeback promotions for ‘Woo Woo,’ worked on my self-composed song, and promoted without any regrets, so I think working hard during promotions was the most memorable thing. I also think getting No. 1 for the first time on a music show was the best thing I did this year. I should’ve met with fans more often and communicated more, but I don’t think that I did, so I’m regretful about that. I realized that meeting the fans a lot and communicating is something I need to work harder at and something that I’m lacking in. I thought a lot about how I need to work harder.”

She continued, “My life motto is to not have regrets. In order to not have regrets in 2019, my goal is to always try my best and to put out good results.”

For her fans, she said, “Hello. This is Huihyeon. Thank you and thank you again for watching us and loving me in 2018. I’ll become a person who can repay you even more and someone who can show you with her actions, so please continue to watch me. I love you.”

Golden Child’s Y

“The best thing I did was spending every day to the fullest and the worst I thing I did this year was not going on a trip by myself,” said Y. “[My goal is] for Golden Child to be more shown and known to the public. Also, for us to work hard to become a group that the world pays attention to.”

Y concluded, “I think the year went by fast. In the new year 2019, I hope your year will only be full of good luck. It’s a gold-like year, so Golden Child will be with you so that you can only walk on the golden path.”

Lovelyz’s Kei

“More than anything, I’m so happy that I can promote as the ‘Music Bank’ MC,” said Kei. “I’ll show you better appearances from here on out!”

“Since it’s ‘Kei’s year,’ I hope that everything that Kei does turns out well,” she said. “I also want to try doing a musical.” She said to fans, “I hope you’ll end this year well. Happy New Year. I love you.”


I.M. stated, “First, I was happy that we were able to win No.1 four times for the first time after our debut! In 2018, I was happy that I was able to meet more Monbebes [MONSTA X’s official fandom] through the world tour and Jingle Ball Tour and it was full of wonderful days where I could stand on stage with foreign artists who I like! MONSTA X and Monbebes worked hard together to earn better and better results, so it was a 2018 without regrets. This year, the members and Monbebes worked really hard, so I don’t have any regrets!”

He continued, “I want to become someone who inspires many people and fans! Personally, I want to release more tracks and mixtapes. As a team, I want us to grow even more than now. I love you Monbebe! I can’t live without you!”

MAMAMOO’s Wheein

“People always have regrets when looking back on things that have passed, but I think that the fact that you feel any regret means that you worked hard and fiercely that year,” said Wheein. “I also have regrets when looking back. However, 2018 was a year where I had many good promotions and good opportunities where I tried various new things. I released my first-ever solo track ‘Easy,’ debuted in Japan, held concerts, released three mini albums, and more, so I think it was also a year where I learned many things.”

She added, “In 2019, I want to create Wheein’s creations in small and various ways. I also want to diligently spend the time given to me.”

To her fans, she said, “Please be healthy in the new year as well! You have to be healthy in order to create happy things! I always love you.”


“2018 was really like a dream, and I think it was a year where I learned Hwasa’s abilities that I didn’t even know about,” said the singer. “Instead of the thing that I did best, my happiest memory was receiving lots of love for ‘Don’t,’ which can be called Hwasa’s first solo promotion. Also, I can’t leave out ‘I Live Alone‘ which was unforgettable. You showed me love over things I didn’t think were that special and I’m so grateful for the overwhelming amount of love. I’ll continue to become a person who keeps working hard.”

She continued, “Everyone probably has regrets about past events. Instead of things that I regret, I’ll look back on that regret and improve so that fewer regrets occur in the future.”

“I think I was diligent in 2018, but in 2019, I want to have a diligent year with a  bright and healthy appearance,” said Hwasa. “In 2019, I’ll become an even prouder artist for MooMoos [MAMAMOO’s official fandom]. I’ll always keep the love from MooMoos in my heart and repay you with an even better performance. Please look forward to it. I love you my precious people!”

iKON’s Bobby

“I think I did well at promoting busily,” stated Bobby. “I liked that we promoted ourselves and communicated more with fans. On the other hand, I have regrets that I wasn’t able to spend more time with family because of that.”

He continued, “In 2019, [my goal is] promoting as iKON’s Bobby and spending time with my family as Kim Ji Won. I want to harmoniously go back and forth between these two things and spend a busy year.”

“I hope you’ll end the rest of 2018 well and hope you’ll always be healthy in 2019,” concluded Bobby.


“The best thing I did was successfully completing our first Seoul concert, and the most regretful thing was not seeing our fans more often,” said Jisoo. “My goal is to come back with a new appearance as BLACKPINK so that fans can be happy.”

She continued, “Fans who always love Jisoo and BLACKPINK! I was able to spend a happy, full year thanks to all of you. I hope you’ll cheer us on and love us a lot in 2019 as well. BLACKPINK will work hard so that you guys can have a fun new year! They say that 2019 is the year of the golden pig, and I hope that the year will be full of luck for all fo you. Happy new year!”

SF9’s Dawon

When asked for his most memorable moments, Dawon said, “SF9’s first concert! I think it’s the most memorable and best thing I did. I’m regretful that I wasn’t able to look after each and every single fan.”

“I want to do a world tour in 2019,” continued Dawon. “I hope I can meet more FANTASYs [SF9’s official fandom] around the world. I’m so thankful that it can’t be expressed just by saying thank you. Please cheer me on in 2019 as well. Let’s see each other for a long time.”

VIXX’s Hyuk

“There were many things that happened in 2018, but spending my birthday with the fans at my first birthday fan meeting is a happy, valuable memory,” revealed Hyuk. “But I think many fans were sad because many of them couldn’t attend, so it made me think that I should prepare so that I can make fun memories with more people next time.”

He added, “I hope it’ll be a year where I can show many people more improvements musically. I also want to become a person who shows all of you a good appearance and becomes acknowledged through acting, variety shows, and various promotions.”

gugudan’s Nayoung

Nayoung began, “In the past, I was someone who had a bad habit of being nervous about new experiences and not allowing myself to make mistakes. But I broke through that wall after appearing on ‘The King of Masked Singer‘ in 2018! I’m getting on stage thinking that I should have fun and enjoy it rather than thinking that I shouldn’t make any mistakes. The thing I regret in 2018 is about how I’m studying writing songs and lyrics. I’m a bit regretful that my song wasn’t included in this gugudan’s album, but I’ll work harder so that it can be included in the next album!”

She continued, “I’ll work harder to study writing songs and lyrics so that people who are listening to the song receive comfort, and I want to let you listen to Nayoung’s unique music. I also want to receive the 2019 year of the pig’s energy and hope for gugudan to get No. 1 on a music show.”

She added, “Our Dear Friends [gugudan’s official fandom name], you guys also worked hard in 2018. Please look after us in 2019 as well, and happy new year! Please look upon the more improved Nayoung fondly. I’ll become Nayoung who makes you look forward to the future more! My Dear Friends [gugudan’s official fandom] whom I’m always grateful for, don’t be sick and let’s see each other while being healthy!”

N.Flying’s Yoo Hwe Seung

Yoo Hwe Seung said, “I think the best thing I did in 2018 was starting to learn how to write songs and lyrics and consistently working hard at it, and trying my best to show good music and good appearances for the fans who support us every day. Like the saying, ‘There’s no end to human greed,’ when I look back on things I did well at, I tried my best at the time, but now I think that I should’ve done more or done a bit better.”

He continued, “In 2019, I want to see meet my fans with great songs and an appearance for fans who always cheer for us. I want to give everything good to N.Fias [N.Flying’s official fandom name].”

He concluded, “Hello everyone. 2019 the year of the golden pig is here! Like gold that never changes, I’ll work hard to become an artist who moves you and gives you joy. In 2019, I hope all of you will eat many delicious things and have happy days. You don’t have to worry! I’ll do all of the difficult things! Hehe.”


“The best thing in 2018 was that I could feel that our members and L.O.Λ.Es [NU’EST’s official fandom] were together,” began JR. “I hoped that our time with L.O.Λ.Es would be longer, but I think that is something that gives me regret. As much as I feel regret, I will meet more often with L.O.Λ.Es in 2019! I’ll share more happy moments with L.O.Λ.Es!”

He added, “I’m spending days that feel like gifts everyday thanks to L.O.Λ.Es. I want to fill this year happily with L.O.Λ.Es as well! I won’t forget about the support and love the fans send us and will work harder, so please look forward to it. Please take good care of us this year as well!”

NU’EST’s Baekho

Baekho said with a laugh, “The best thing I did this year was working hard to work on the album with care. I don’t have anything big that I regret, but I want to do a concert again. It’s not that I have regrets about my performance, but because I want to see our fans for a longer time.”

“The first thing is health and the second is health as well!” he continued. “I think it’s really important. I hope that our fans and our members will all spend next year in good health. I say the same thing every time, but I still feel like it’s not enough. Thank you for giving us so much support and love at every moment that it’s beyond our imagination. We’ll make you happier in 2019!”

NU’EST’s Ren

“The best thing I did this year was completing promotions in good health and not getting sick, and there’s nothing that I regret!” said Ren. “Thanks to L.O.Λ.Es, I think I had a year without regrets. I want to work hard and practice to improve more than 2018, and I want to show fans a good appearance.”

Ren concluded, “We also had many opportunities in 2018, so it was a year where we could work hard to promote. It was thanks to all L.O.Λ.Es who work hard to cheer us on anywhere! I’ll show you a more improved and great appearance in the new year, so let’s be together for a long time and let’s be successful next year too!”


“Looking back on 2018, I think the best thing I did was trying my best every time SEVENTEEN got on stage,” began S.Coups. “I can’t particularly think of anything that I regret. I’m the type that tries not to get caught up in past things and I also think that it will work out if I just work harder. I’m more of the type who thinks about how I can show Carats [SEVENTEEN’s official fandom] a good appearance and about the things ahead.”

He continued, “I want to meet more Carats in various places. Also, I want us to work harder so that we can see better results. I think time is going by so quickly. But I’m so happy that we still think about each other and are together even during this time that’s passing by quickly. Let’s continue to be together in 2019 as well!”

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

Jeonghan said, “Looking back on 2018, the best thing I did was the February fan meeting, album promotions, meeting many Carats at overseas tour concerts, and becoming one while communicating. The thing I regret is when the members got hurt at the concerts and feeling upset. In 2019, I hope that the members and Carats don’t get hurt and will be healthy.”

He continued, “In 2019, I hope that there will be more opportunities for me to meet more Carats so that we can talk more about various things and become closer with Carats than now to become one. Also, SEVENTEEN working harder in the future is also a goal.”

He concluded, “Thank you to our Carats who are always by our side. Please have a safe end to 2018 and let’s happily welcome 2018 together. Also, let’s cheer up together in 2019!”


Joshua stated, “In 2018, working hard at everything and not missing practice or doing it lazily even during the busy schedule were the best things I did when looking back on the year. In some way, they’re the most basic things, but I think we were always able to show you good performances because we all did this. The thing I regret in 2018 was that I wanted to learn cooking because I wanted to enjoy a fun hobby, but didn’t have the opportunity to learn. In 2019, I want to learn how to cook and cook for fans.”

He continued, “I think that health comes first, so I hope that the members including myself, Carats, and everyone around me will always be healthy and not get sick. It’s also my goal to become a greater SEVENTEEN.”

“Carats, thank you for always loving us,” concluded Joshua. “I’ll work harder so that we can become SEVENTEEN whom our fans can always be proud of.”

EXID’s Jeonghwa

“The best thing I did was being true during every moment, so I don’t regret anything,” began Jeonghwa. “In 2019, I hope that I and everyone around me achieve what they want, and it’s my goal that I don’t lose my perseverance throughout the year.”

To her fans, she said, “Our Leggos, I hope you’ll greet the new year with an energetic mind and hope that you’ll be happier in 2019 than you were in 2018!”

NCT’s Taeyong

“I think the best thing was spending this year with NCT, SM, and our fans,” said Taeyong. “I was with the members, agency family members, and fans during every moment, and I was able to grow during that, so 2018 was a meaningful year for me.”

He continued, “The year of the pig is here. In 2019, I want to work hard at the things that I can do, as I do now. I want to become someone who captivates more audience members with good music and a great performance!”

He added, “Our fans, we’re thinking about each other every second, so I think we can create a big world together in the future. So I always think that it’d be nice if we can give each other strength and give dreams to everyone. This year, I’ll try to give you fun, happy times with better music and performances. I hope all of you will greet the new year in good health and happily.”

NCT’s Yuta

Yuta said, “In 2018, rather than what I did well and what I regret, I want to say you did a good job and thank you to everyone who helped us. I want to successfully complete our concert!”

He added, “Thank you for giving us so much support in 2018! We’re preparing more things in 2019, so please look forward to it everyone. Happy new year!”

NCT’s Johnny

“The best thing I did in 2018 was using the word ‘first’ many times,” began Johnny. “First Japanese mini album, first U.S. promotion, first full album, and more. There were many new things we began this year. When 2018 started, I wanted to do many more new things, and I was able to spend a good year because I was able to make them happen. I’ll gather more strength in 2019!”

He continued, “In the 2019 year of the golden pig, [my goal is to] work hard, have fun, and continue the things I started in 2018. At the beginning of the year, we’re going to start a tour with our first concert, and I want to show our fans a good appearance and good energy. It’s my hope to spend a full year with our fans in 2019.”

“NCTzens!” concluded Johnny. “I was happy during all of the times I spent with you until now. Let’s make 2019 a year where it’s full of laughter and our hearts race. Thank you always.”

WJSN’s Bona

“I’m proud that I was able to accomplish most of the goals I wanted to accomplish at the beginning of 2018 as WJSN’s Bona!” she said. “I really liked getting our first No. 1 win that Ujungs [WJSN’s official fandom name] and the members created together! I want us to get No. 1 as a whole group!”

She continued, “The year of the golden pig! For some reason, I think that it’ll be a year where only good things will happen. I think that I’m going to be very happy starting with the beginning of the year, and it’s my goal to promote in good health and happily. I’m planning to see the fans with a good album, and I hope that it’ll be a year where WJSN grows more as artists. It’s also my goal to see you with another good project!”

She concluded, “I think I’m going to see all of you with an album as soon as 2019 begins, so let’s have fun promoting again! Please look forward to our new song, and let’s make many happy memories together again this year. Please tune into ‘Law of the Jungle—Northern Mariana Islands’ as well.”

WJSN’s Exy

“Good things that happened included fans listening to my self-composed song and all of us doing our best and winning No. 1 on a music show,” began Exy. “I’m really sad that all 13 of us can’t promote as a whole group. I’m also regretful that I didn’t express more gratefulness to the people I love and my family.”

She continued, “As a leader, I want to lead our team better and work hard so that WJSN can become more globally well-known. I also want to hold a solo concert and go on tour.”

She concluded, “Thank you for always loving us and cheering us on by our side! In the new year, let’s dream together and accomplish our dreams together. More than anything, please don’t get sick and always be happy.”

Happy New Year to everyone!

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