Han Hye Jin Thanks Jun Hyun Moo For Showing Support For Her New Radio DJ Role

Han Hye Jin thanks Jun Hyun Moo for showing support for her new role as a temporary host of MBC’s radio show “Lee Ji Hye’s Afternoon Discovery.”

On January 1, a picture of model Han Hye Jin was uploaded to the official Instagram of the radio show. The model posed with a flower basket which included the message “I heard it yesterday, and it is already amazing. -Moody.”

Along with the photo, Han Hye Jin wrote, “Moody is such a romantic guy. Thanks to him, the studio is filled with the aroma of flowers. We get it. Stop sending us text messages.”

The flower basket was sent to Han Hye Jin by none other than her boyfriend, Jun Hyun Moo (Moody). Han Hye Jin is currently filling in for the original host of the show, Lee Ji Hye, who had to take a leave of absence due to her pregnancy and childbirth. With the flowers, Jun Hyun Moo showed support for his girlfriend and her new role as a substitute host.

Jun Hyun Moo also sent in text messages, which Han Hye Jin read during the show. The model said, “For the second time in a row, Moody (Jun Hyun Moo) sent me a text message. I think he’s bored because he has nothing else to do. He said, ‘Did you read my message? Your throat must still hurt from cold, but do your best, Daldy.”

Han Hye Jin continued, “He is going a little overboard today. I think it’s because he has too much energy since there are many days that he has no work. Anyways, thank you. I will call you after I’m done.”

The couple who currently appear on MBC’s “I Live Alone” confirmed that they were dating in February. Since then, they have been very public about their relationship, which also led to getting swept up in marriage and breakup rumors. Despite rumors, Han Hye Jin and Jun Hyun Moo prove that their relationship is still going strong.

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