MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Launches Her Own Instagram Account

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul has joined Instagram to share her creative projects!

On January 2, the group’s fan cafe shared a link to Moonbyul’s new Instagram, which she’s opened to showcase her “Moon PD” videos. In her Instagram bio, she calls herself MOONBYULE.

As the caption to her first video, Moonbyul wrote:

Hello. This is MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul! Happy New Year! I’ll always cheer you on so that you can have even healthier and happier days in 2019!

This is a new project that I’m beginning as we start the new year!

I wanted to show more people the videos I’ve worked on and the photos I took myself, and I also wanted to share our memories together. So after a long meeting about it, I’ve set up this account! I still have a lot to learn in terms of making videos, but I’ll study hard so that over time I can show improvement.

It seems really exciting to be deciding to do something and taking the first step. And I feel secure and happy because of all of you who will be together with me during this process!

I’ll continue to be responsible and try to show you better performances and songs as MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul and MOONBYULE.

Thank you. Have a good day today!

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안녕하세요. 마마무 문별입니다! 새해 복 많이 받으세요! 2019년도에는 더 건강하고 행복한 날들이 가득하길 늘 응원하겠습니다! 새해를 맞아 새롭게 시작하는 프로젝트! 2019년도에는 제가 작업한 영상과 직접 찍은 사진들을 더 많은 분들께 보여드리고, 추억을 함께 공유하고 싶어서 오랜 회의 끝에 계정을 개설하게 되었어요! 아직 작업하는 데 있어 서툰 부분이 많지만, 열심히 공부해서 점차 나은 모습 보여드리겠습니다. 뭔가를 결심해서 첫 발자국을 떼는 일은 정말 설레는 것 같아요. 그리고 이 과정을 함께해줄 여러분들이 있어 든든하고 많이 행복합니다! 앞으로도 마마무 문별, 그리고 문별이 로써 책임감 있는 모습으로 더 좋은 무대와 노래 들려 드릴 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다. 감사합니다. 오늘도 좋은 하루 보내세요! �de00 #moon_film ?

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MAMAMOO most recently made a comeback in November with “Wind Flower” off their mini album “BLUE;S.”

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