New “Weekly Idol” MCs Name Who They Want To Invite As Guests

Weekly Idol” held a press conference on January 2 featuring its new lineup of MCs.

The MBC every1 idol variety show announced an upcoming change in its hosts last November, with Lee Sang MinKim Shin Young, and Yoo Se Yoon departing as MCs after taking on the role in April 2018.

The new MCs are Jo Se Ho, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, and Nam Chang Hee, and the trio attended a press conference in Seoul along with producing director Im Yeon Jung to talk about the show.

When asked about preparing for “Weekly Idol,” Nam Chang Hee said that he’s always been interested in idols. He shared, “I’ve recently been enjoying listening to BTS member Jimin’s solo song ‘Serendipity.’ I’m practicing the choreography on my own as well. I want to show it to everyone sometime.”

Jo Se Ho said, “Nam Chang Hee is really an expert on idols. We lived together at one point, and when we were watching TV together he’d share all kinds of detailed information about idols.” Nam Chang Hee commented, “I’m passionate, and I hope that I can keep working with the idols until the 1000th episode.”

The MCs were also asked about which guests they’d like to have on the show. Jo Se Ho replied, “For me personally, people I’m close with, like iKON and WINNER that I’ve filmed with before. Also, BIGBANG’s Taeyang, whose wedding I hosted before he went to the army. I think it would be good if he came on the show after he’s discharged.”

He added that he also thinks it would be good for g.o.d to come on the show, and said he’d be happy if all idols in Korea could be guests.

Kwanghee said, “Usually on ‘Weekly Idol’ there are a lot of idol guests, but there are many foreign pop stars who come to Korea.” He made many people laugh when he said that he hopes stars like Ariana Grande will come on the show. Kwanghee added, “I hope that many rookie idols who are not well known will come on and show their talents.”

Nam Chang Hee joked that he likes idols with names that end in the sound “seu” like TWICE and BTS, and said, “They are very active abroad as world stars, so I want to create an opportunity for them to be comfortable and relax when they return to Korea.”

The first episode of “Weekly Idol” to feature the new hosts will air on January 9.

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