FTISLAND’s Minhwan And Yulhee Experience The Realities Of Being Out With Their Baby

FTISLAND’s Minhwan and Yulhee enjoyed a family outing!

On the January 2 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Mr. House Husband,” Minhwan and Yulhee took their son Jae Yul to the hospital for vaccinations.

Jae Yul cried very briefly for about five seconds then stopped. Seeing this, the doctor commented, “The baby doesn’t cry a lot.” Minhwan proudly stated in his interview, “I don’t know who he takes after, but he received the shot like a man. It made me think that he takes after me.”

Minhwan and Yulhee then headed to a shopping mall to buy new clothes for Jae Yul. After purchasing a cute jacket, they walked around the mall. Yulhee smiled seeing beautiful women’s clothing on display and headed inside a store to take a look. During his interview, Minhwan explained, “We couldn’t go out after having the baby. We couldn’t go on dates, but it made me happy seeing Yulhee happy.”

“It feels weird wearing a dress for the first time in a while after only wearing comfortable clothes,” said Yulhee. Minhwan couldn’t keep his eyes off of his wife and told her that she looked really pretty.

Jae Yul, however, pooped in his diaper right at this moment, and the shopping came to an end. The couple realized that they had forgotten to bring diapers, and Minhwan ran to the market in the shopping mall to look for some.

After Yulhee and the baby waited for about 20 minutes, Minhwan returned with a box of diapers. He explained that the market didn’t sell them individually and that he had to purchase a whole box.

The FTISLAND member changed Jae Yul’s diaper, and the family headed to a cafe to enjoy dessert. While eating cake, Yulhee said, “It feels like we’re on a date for the first time in a long time. Just like when we were dating.”

Jae Yul then began to cry, and the couple looked for a place to wash his bottle in order to give him the baby formula. In the end, the couple returned home exhausted from their day out.

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