Mnet Reveals 2018 M2 Year End Award Winners For Most-Viewed Videos

Mnet’s digital studio M2 has announced the winners of its 2018 M2 Year End Awards!

The channel looked back on the past year by sharing its top 20 most-viewed video series and shows from 2018. M2’s ranking appears to be based on more than one platform, although it’s not stated what platforms were used in the view count. The videos included below are from YouTube, however the view numbers may not match what is currently seen on YouTube.

A “Best Contents” video was also named for each category in the top 1 to 10. It is uncertain exactly what criteria was used to determine the Best Contents videos. Although they seem to be the most-viewed videos within the categories, it is not clear how the numbers were calculated or what platforms were considered.

Check out the top 20 below!

20. “D-Cumentary” Series

Total views: 2,961,389

For example, TVXQ’s first episode:

19. “Who Are You” Series

Total views: 3,013,291

For example, CLC’s “Black Dress” performance:

18. “1STAGE” Series

Total views: 3,090,268

For example, NCT U’s Ten and Taeyong performing “Baby Don’t Stop”:

17. IZ*ONE’s “QT Show” Series

Total views: 3,179,713

For example, episode two:

16. “ASMR Live” Series

Total views: 3,655,500

For example, MOMOLAND doing “BAAM” as a ASMR video:

15. “M2 Live Edition” Series

Total views: 3,927,163

For example, HAON performing “Noah” featuring Hoody:

14. “IDOLity” Series

Total views: 4,578,885

For example, JBJ on the show:

13. “1 and 1/2 Dance” Series

Total views: 4,762,245

For example, MOMOLAND performing “Bboom Bboom”:

12. “My Live” Series

Total views: 5,177,100

For example, KIFFCLAN performing “KIFF” (produced by Groovyroom):

11. “GOT7 Comeback Show”

Total views: 7,397,817

Including GOT7 performing “I Am Me”:

10. “MV Commentary” Series

Total views: 7,947,470

Best Contents: NCT U – “Boss” with 1,710,903 views

9. SHINee’s “SHINee’s Back” Series

Total Views: 9,024,187

Best Contents: Episode 1 “Replay” with 1,509,907 views

8. SEVENTEEN’s “SVT Club” Series

Total views: 11,510,123

Best Contents: “A Modern-Day Get-Together” with 2,228,381 views

7. “School of Rock” Series

Total views: 19,513,690

Best Contents: GFRIEND performing “Time for the Moon Night” with 3,847,896 views

6. “Selfie MV” Series

Total views: 19,599,761

Best Contents: TWICE’s “What Is Love?” with 3,023,088 views

5. “Monochrome Live” Series

Total views: 22,166,584

Best Contents: MONSTA X’s Jooheon performing “Red Carpet” with 1,929,668 views

4. “Saturday Karaoke Star” Series

Total views: 24,201,691

Best Contents: Ahn Ji Yeon performing IU’s “Dear Name” with 3,667,676 views

3. GOT7’s “GOT7’s Hard Carry 2” Series

Total views: 25,886,291

Best Contents: “Ep. 1 Together With 7” with 3,068,790 views (the video below is a partial clip):

2. “Relay Dance” Series

Total views: 251,658,989

Best Contents: Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” with 18,031,638 views

1. “MPD Fan Cams” Series

Total views: 524,909,481

Best Contents: BTS’s Jimin performing “Fake Love” on “M Countdown” with 34,569,870 views.

Check out the announcement video below!

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