Shin Dong Wook's Representatives Issue Official Statement Regarding Fraud Claims Made By His Grandfather

Actor Shin Dong Wook released a statement regarding the ongoing property lawsuit between him and his grandfather.

On January 2, Shin Dong Wook’s entertainment agency, Snowball Entertainment, issued an official statement from their legal agent regarding the ‘filial fraud’ claims reported against Shin Dong Wook by TV Chosun earlier that day.

TV Chosun had released an exclusive report claiming that Shin Dong Wook’s grandfather has suffered from ‘filial fraud’ from his own grandson and is now taking this issue to court. According to the report, Shin Dong Wook’s 96-year-old grandfather had passed on a part of his land to his grandson with the condition that Shin Dong Wook would take care of his grandfather in his old age.

Shin Dong Wook’s grandfather then stated that he had not heard anything from Shin Dong Wook since he had passed on his land to him. He also claimed that he had only given a part of his land in Daejeon, South Korea to Shin Dong Wook, but that Shin Dong Wook then later tricked him and stole all of his land from him. The grandfather went on to reveal that he had received a notice in July 2018 from Shin Dong Wook’s lover telling him to evacuate his house within two months. The grandfather claimed that Shin Dong Wook had given his grandfather’s house to his lover, who is now trying to “kick him out” of his own home.

Below is the full statement from Shin Dong Wook’s legal representatives:


My name is Song Pyung Soo, and I am actor Shin Dong Wook’s legal representative as well as an attorney under the law firm ShinYool.

I send you the official statement below regarding the extermination of the property ownership registration lawsuit raised again Shin Dong Wook by his grandfather.

Shin Dong Wook is currently in litigation with his grandfather. The property ownership registration between Shin Dong Wook and his grandfather was lawfully carried out, and we are currently waiting for the court’s reasonable sentence.

In the past, Shin Dong Wook’s grandfather had constantly physically abused, verbally abused, and threatened to kill his wife, son, and grandson. He had also continuously filed lawsuits against his family members and caused them a great amount of pain. Therefore, the amount of heartache caused by this lawsuit to Shin Dong Wook and his family is indescribable.

Furthermore, I would like to inform you that the claims made by Shin Dong Wook’s grandfather are false. Shin Dong Wook and his grandfather issued the documents needed for the contract amongst themselves. Those documents were then processed by the attorney in charge and all aspects of the contract were carried out lawfully. Therefore, it is not possible to question the lawfulness of the contract as it was constructed following proper and strict legal proceedings.

Shin Dong Wook expresses great regret regarding the one-sided and malicious manipulation in the media in the time of his drama’s broadcasting. I will respect Shin Dong Wook and his family’s wishes for a civil solution to the issue at hand and will follow the proper legal proceedings required.

Thank you.

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