Cozy Winter Looks Inspired By Our Favorite K-Dramas

Winter is the dreariest season, but that doesn’t mean your fashion game has to be low. Practically speaking, we might all be walking around feeling like inflated whales, all bundled up in dull jackets and uninteresting sweaters, but K-dramas out there are showcasing ways to stay stylish and cozy during these bitter cold months, so you won’t have to make sacrifices for the sake of fashion.

Feelin’ A Little Fancy

If I had to define winter K-style, then it’s easily narrowed down to coats, sweaters, and scarves, but everyone needs inspiration for a date night or a fun night out with friends. Kim Yoo Jung’s dress from “Clean With Passion For Now” can only be described as trendy meets chic, perfect for winter with a stand up collar and slightly frilled long sleeves. And who says you can’t wear florals in winter? A cute printed dress is all you need to make the right statement during the blandest of seasons.


I had to include Lee Je Hoon’s outfit from “Tomorrow With You.” Softer pastel-colored coats make for nice and fresh transitional items of clothing between fall and winter or winter to spring, and they can add some warmth and vibrancy to any grey and dull winter. They also force us to step outside of our comfort zones…or give us permission to rock that all black outfit underneath. Combining clothing of the same hue is a much bolder statement and can make you stand out among a group of the mismatched. Opt for an all-pastel ensemble like Lee Je Hoon to feel voguish and unique.

Accessorizing Made Easy

Drawing inspiration from Suzy’s look in “While You Were Sleeping,” it’s clear that you shouldn’t let anyone dictate your choice of accessorizing, because even a simple baseball cap can make you look fashionable. You’ll probably already have your favorite hat lying around somewhere, and if it isn’t too chilly out with winds blowing you in the opposite direction, a baseball cap or your most coveted sports hat can shield you from glaring sun rays and make you stand out with self-expression. Let people know who your favorite team is while staying stylish! You can even go the extra mile and get mock glasses like Suzy’s to pair with your hat to add the finishing touch.

I wouldn’t dream of leaving out Kim Go Eun’s iconic and legendary red scarf from “Goblin.” Knitted scarves will never be erased from fashion history, so don’t hesitate to buy one or even make one! Scarves are also the perfect accessorizing pieces to keep you nice and toasty warm and will have heads turning if your scarf stands out. Go for bright colors, and the bigger the scarf, the better!

Overlays & Underlays

Yoo Seung Ho offers us unique ways of styling a contrast of winter clothing in “My Strange Hero.” His three-layer outfit consists of the ever-trendy plaid outer layer, a jean jacket, and a soft turtleneck. This composition of clothing and colors is vibrant without being loud, a fashion statement that provides comfort and coziness for chilly days.

Another drama that aired during winter is “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” Park Bo Young’s style in this drama was unique, consisting of pieces with frills or collars, but instead of it being too over-the-top, her style was matted down with overlays and underlays of neutral tones in both sweaters and coats to emphasize a winter-chic look.

Classic Trench

Never underestimate the power of a trench coat, because it will never go out of style! Shin Se Kyung enthralls in this bright red coat in “Black Knight,” proving that a trench coat is sophisticated and perfect for all occasions and gives off a sense of class. So don’t be afraid to don a classy coat with your favorite pair of blue jeans and boots!

When In Doubt, Simple Is Best!

Last but not least, almost every single outfit Kim Go Eun wore in “Cheese in the Trap”! With a prêt-à-porter approach to fashion, this was one drama that defined college fashion with its simplicity and realistic approach to how a student would normally dress. Not many of us would think about wearing overalls in winter, but pairing a classic pair of overalls with a turtleneck and cardigan gives her a stylistic edge. Her iconic yellow sweater makes her standout, giving her a retro feel, while a fun, ripped jean jacket and patterned skirt paired with a cashmere long sleeve top are ingenious outfits because of how simple they are.

And that concludes my short list of cozy winter wear! Hopefully you find the right winter style for you and always remember to keep warm!

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