Chungha Talks About The Gift She Gave To Her Mother And More

In a recent interview with OSEN, Chungha reflected on her past year.

Chungha released three mini albums in a year and a half, and received many awards as a female solo artist. She said, “I received many awards unexpectedly. It was the year that I received the most awards in my life. I’m so grateful. I’m not losing my gratitude. I’m going to work hard for this comeback.”

When asked if anything changed after being a solo artist for the past one and a half years, she answered, “The K-pop industry has more power than I thought. I think the fact that a culture has emerged is itself something to be grateful for and proud about. My friends who go on overseas trips contact me to tell me they heard my songs there, which amazes me and makes me feel grateful. It’s not much different from what I was a year ago, but I think it’s easier to reach out to my fans or to communicate with them. I’m a radio DJ every Sunday, and I feel like I’ve loosened by experiencing a lot and communicating with others. Rather than being anxious, I focused on what I should do.”

Chungha also mentioned her mother. She said, “My mother must have been more nervous and anxious than I was when I first prepared for my solo album. It was the first time for my agency and me. Solo artists are not mainstream, so she was worried a lot, but thankfully, I have been working steadily. My mother went to morning prayer today as well. I think all mothers feel the same. She told me to work healthily without forgetting to be thankful.”

The interviewer asked if Chungha did anything for her mother, and she replied, “I paid off all our family’s debt. My mother says she can’t spend what I make. I told her to please spend it, but she doesn’t. She always carried an eco bag around, so I gave her an expensive bag this Christmas, and she saved the rest of the money.”

Chungha revealed she receives allowance from her mother. She shared, “I get 500,000 won [approximately $444] per month. If I tell her it’s not enough, she gives me more. I don’t have much time to spend it, but I use it when I go to a cafe to eat a late night snack with my dancers.”

She also said, “My mother said she wanted to go on a trip to a hot spring in Japan, and thinking about it, I’ve never gone on a trip with her. If I have a chance, I would like to take a short trip to a hot spring.”

Chungha recently made a comeback with “Gotta Go.”

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