Girls' Generation's Sooyoung Expresses Thanks After Concluding Her Special Exhibition

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung has wrapped up her first solo exhibition!

On January 4, Sooyoung took to Instagram to share photos from the event, talked about how meaningful her exhibition had been, and thanked staff members.

Sooyoung shared, “There was one thing that changed as I turned 30 [in Korean reckoning]. Things that I only thought about are becoming reality. Things I dreamt about are able to happen. It’s not because of my abilities, but rather because the people that I met in my 20s came together, and the time we’ve spent and our experiences all came together so that the things that I only vaguely dreamed about before could become reality.

She continued, “There are good people around me that I’ve built up trust with over a long period of time. I think that because I have these people, my 30s are the age where I’m not afraid to take on challenges. I vaguely thought about what it would be like to hold an exhibition at the end of the year. I’d like to relay my late thanks to all the staff members who became my head, arms, and legs, and who made it possible for my fans and me to remember my 20s in a beautiful way. I’m happy that I was able to start the year with Sooyoung’s Photography Studio in early 2018 and end it with Sooyoung’s photography exhibition.” Sooyoung’s Photography Studio was the name of her first solo fan meeting in February.

Using hashtags, Sooyoung also promised to take more photos and said that she still has many external hard drives with content left.

Sooyoung held an end-of-year exhibition from December 29 to 30 to share and to remember her 20s with her fans. She personally got involved in the production process of the exhibit as well as many of the photos that were revealed.

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