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Is it wrong to think a sociopathic, murderous villain is cute and funny? Because that’s what “The Last Empress” had us feeling during this week’s episodes, with Shin Sung Rok’s comedic talent taking center stage despite his character’s truly evil nature. Episodes 25-28 blessed us with the drama’s funniest and most heartwarming moments yet, and we can’t get enough of the blossoming relationships and the developing love triangle — because our narcissistic, evil Emperor is oddly hilarious when he’s making a fool out of himself for love. Without further ado, here are seven moments from this week’s episodes that were surprisingly, if oddly, cute. Be prepared to laugh, squee, and be a little emotionally confused!

Warning: spoilers for Episodes 25-28 below!

1. When Hyuk wanted to be the hero for once

Sure, he’s tried to have her killed a couple times, but now that Hyuk is starting to view Empress Sunny (Jang Nara) in a more favorable light, he’s ready to be the good guy in this meme-able scene. Saving Sunny from falling off a ladder would probably make up for all the horrible psychological trauma he’s put her through, right? No?


Unfortunately for Hyuk, we’ll never find out, because his reflexes aren’t quite as fast as those of his bodyguard Woo Bin (Choi Jin Hyuk).

2. Hyuk’s life-changing instant coffee experience

One perk of being Emperor is that you get so used to the finer things in life that what is mundane to most people is exciting and new to you. Hyuk’s sudden interest in instant coffee is adorably entertaining:

As is his utter ecstasy once he tries it for himself — in private, of course:

3. When Woo Bin and Sunny had a moment

Undoubtedly one of the sweetest scenes this week was when Sunny made a wrap for Woo Bin, causing him to flash back to memories of his mother feeding him in the same way. It’s a touching moment of realization for Woo Bin that Sunny is as kindhearted and caring as the mother he loved so dearly.

Hopefully this will be a catalyst for the stoic bodyguard to finally realize the extent of his feelings, because we’re ready for some romance up in here!

4. When Hyuk was the ultimate third wheel

Sunny and Woo Bin’s cute moment was short-lived, however, thanks to Hyuk barging in and sitting himself awkwardly between the two in an attempt to be chummy.

Hilariously (and unsurprisingly), Sunny was not about it.

5. When Sunny was the mother Ari needs

While Hyuk is undoubtedly a bad guy, we understand how he became the monster he is when we watch how Princess Ari is being raised; just like Hyuk, she has been taught to use and abuse those around her to get what she wants. Thankfully, Sunny is around to show Ari some discipline, and hopefully save her from growing up to become like her father. Ari adores and respects Sunny, and Sunny’s motherly treatment of the little princess is not only making her a better person, but also giving way to a heartwarming relationship between the two.

6. When Hello made Yoon jealous

If the romance between the leads is taking a while to heat up, this secondary couple is really taking off, thanks to Hello (Stephanie Lee) taking matters into her own hands. Staging a scene to make Prince Yoon (Oh Seung Yoon) jealous was not only smart, but also gave us a chance to see the Crown Prince adorably envious.

And I was half expecting Yoon to pretend he doesn’t like Hello back in an attempt to protect her from his family, but how refreshing is it that both characters are being honest with their feelings and “The Last Empress” is going full steam ahead with this romance?


7. When Hyuk was the good guy

When the Empress Dowager sabotaged Sunny’s vlog and commenters started to get nasty, Hyuk finally got his chance to save the day. His glimmer of kindheartedness is a little bittersweet, because it makes us wonder whether Hyuk could have become a half-decent human being if he had been exposed to real, good people like Sunny earlier on in his life.

Sunny, for her part, is still not buying it. And she shouldn’t, after all the horrible things her husband has done to her: he may be showing a softer side, but there’s not much the man can do to redeem himself…. Although, with the new revelation this week that Hyuk was saved 10 years ago by the donated blood that was meant to save Sunny’s mom, we wonder if there might be an opportunity for Hyuk to sacrifice himself for Sunny down the road…. But until then, we’ll try to remember that the Emperor’s cute side is far outweighed by his evil side — although Shin Sung Rok is not making it easy for us!

Hey Soompiers, what were your favorite moments from this week’s episodes? Do you like Hyuk more now, or still hate his guts? Let us know in the comments!

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