LOONA Talks About Their Memories In 2018, Hopes For 2019, And More

In a recent interview with Kyunghyang Shinmun, LOONA talked about their past and future.

First, LOONA talked about their memories in 2018. Yves shared, “All the members have experienced the stage as a unit or solo artist, but we felt a different excitement at our debut stage as a whole group. Through ‘Hi High’, we let many people know about us and showed various, unique performances. This activity gave us dreams and hope.”

Haseul added, “We had our first concret on August 19 and did activities for eight weeks. Recently, we received our first rookie award at the ‘2019 Korea First Brand Awards‘. We’ve also performed in a small theater. It’s been a year of diverse performances.”

Kim Lip said the most memorable moment in 2018 was the debut concert and revealed she felt blissful when she heard Orbit [fandom name] sing along to their songs. Heejin commented, “I still remember the performance at the small theater. We had a unit performance, but we had a performance with all 12 of us. We also had a lot of fun with our fans who covered our songs.”

Next, LOONA talked about their hopes for 2019. Chuu stated, “Our debut song was bright and cheerful, so we’d like to show you more diverse sides in 2019. We want to show you a strong ‘girl crush’ side as well as sing ballads. As a team, our goal is to enjoy every stage and create meaningful performances.”

Hyunjin wished, “More than anything, I hope my members can be healthy. You have to be healthy in order to be a girl group with a bright and energetic image.”

Choerry shared her 2019 wish was to also appear in dramas and variety shows and do genres related to school life or fantasy. Go Won said she wants to get her driver’s license so she can go to the beach and take her members to see a good view.

Kim Lip wished, “This year, I want to be active not only in Korea, but also overseas. To do that, studying a language is essential. So I want to learn English.” On the other hand, Yves hoped, “I like animals. I watch videos of animals and get comfort when I see them being rescued in tough situations. So, with the members like Go Won and Olivia who also likes animals, I would like to volunteer with abandoned dogs.”

LOONA has many dreams for 2019, but the biggest one of all is to be active as a whole group.

Go Won shared, “We’ve worked hard this year, but next year, we’ll grow more mature. We will do our best to make our name be known.” Haseul also thanked the staff who works hard for them and said, “For myself, I’m targeting to take first place on music shows. I think I’m going to cry a lot. If we win first place in music shows, I would like to say thank you with a big bow.”

Kim Lip said, “Until last year, it was a really long wait. Thank you to everyone who allowed us to be so active. And to my members and our parents…I’d like to say thank you for your hard work.” JinSoul commented, “If last year, our whole group was made and revealed, then this year, I hope we shine as a whole.” Yves shared, “Personally, I want to grow up both in my ability and inner self and become a hard person who will not succumb to any hardships. I hope everyone on the team will have a happy and joyful year.”

LOONA recently released their teaser for “X1X.”

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