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BTS’s J-Hope gave useful advice as a special celebrity director on the January 5 episode of MBC’s “Under 19”!

The latest episode of the idol debut survival show followed the contestants as they took on their third-round “shuffle mission,” in which they split up into teams to cover various legendary hits. The team consisting of Jeon Doyum, Shin Yechan, Lim Hyeongbin, Kang Junhyuck, Kim Junseo, Lee Sangmin, and Yoon Taekyung took on BTS’s “Fake Love,” and they were hard at work practicing their choreography when J-Hope suddenly arrived at the studio, laden with snacks that he had prepared as gifts.

The contestants expressed their disbelief that an actual BTS member had come to cheer them on, with Shin Yechan recalling later on, “I was so happy that I got to see someone whom I had only ever seen in my dreams.” Jeon Doyum commented, “I was shocked that something I had never even imagined had become a reality,” while Lee Sangmin remarked, “Because he was right in front of my eyes, I couldn’t close my mouth.”

Shin Yechan explained their mission to J-Hope, saying, “Each team has taken on a different record-breaking song.” When J-Hope commented that “Fake Love” was a difficult song to perform, Shin Yechan agreed, “There’s a lot of pressure [that comes with covering the song], and it’s a song that is difficult to express.”

J-Hope sympathetically responded, “We practiced a lot too. It’s a difficult song to sing live, and the choreography is really difficult as well. It’s an honor [to have you cover it], and I’m looking forward to your performance. It’s a song that is especially meaningful for us, because it helped us receive more love from all over the world. I hope you guys perform it well.”

J-Hope then watched the contestants as they performed “Fake Love” for him. Afterwards, he clapped happily and remarked, “Did you guys say that it hasn’t been that long since you started practicing this song? The choreography for this song is really hard. It’s truly incredible how well you’re doing. I really want to compliment you guys on your energy. You guys are really good.”

He went on to pick the person who had stood out the most, saying, “Everyone did a really great job. But for me, [I was most impressed by] Jeon Doyum, who covered Jimin’s part. Everyone did well, but your energy was overflowing. I was so surprised.”

As for Lee Sangmin, who had taken on J-Hope’s part, the BTS member commented, “It’s amazing to me that you’re doing my part.” He jokingly added, “I’m growing very fond of you. You have to do well.”

J-Hope observed that the team was still a little shaky on the choreography for the song’s chorus. He then helped the team go over that part of the choreography, pointing out the details of the moves and explaining that they were supposed to dance like marionettes.

J-Hope also gave the contestants some solid advice. He remarked, “It’s important to practice to the music and monitor yourselves frequently. You need to keep checking the parts that are weaker, and your lines and formations are important as well. I think it’s really important to convey the sincerity in your love for this line of work, your love for performing and dancing. Since it’s our job to make people’s eyes and ears happy, the most important thing is conveying the emotions [of the song].”

“Under 19” airs every Saturday at 6:25 p.m. KST.

If you haven’t already, check out last week’s episode of the show below!

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