Investigation Team Gets Closer As They Enjoy New Year's Dinner On

MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Less Than Evil” has released stills of the S&S (Serious & Serial) team going out to dinner for the new year!

“Less Than Evil” is a Korean remake of the popular BBC series “Luther.” The drama follows Woo Tae Seok (played by Shin Ha Kyun), a detective who will do whatever it takes to achieve justice, and Eun Sun Jae (played by Lee Seol), a psychopath who enjoys playing mind games with him.

The S&S team is the task team that deals with serial killers. With the team leader Woo Tae Seok at the center, the team is also composed of diverse characters: Hwang Dong Yeon (played by Baro), Woo Tae Seok’s partner who respects and follows him; Shin Ga Young (played by Bae Da Bin), who dreams and advocates for a nine to five work shift; Lee Moon Ki (played by Yang Gi Won), who completely trusts and supports Woo Tae Seok; and Ban Ji Deuk (played by Bae Yoo Ram), an IT professional who used to run his own detective agency but was chosen as an adviser due to his outstanding skills.

Recently, the S&S team got even closer after they once again followed Woo Tae Seok’s lead in his sharp investigation to resolve the case involving the serial killer Pierrot Joker’s kidnapping of Hwang Dong Yeon.

In the released stills, the S&S team are finally enjoying dinner together as a group instead of working on a case like they usually do in the show. As the team welcomes the 2019 new year, they share their new resolutions to solve cases as they become closer as a team.

Viewers have high expectations for the S&S team’s performance on “Less Than Evil.” As the team has gotten even closer after the Hwang Dong Yeon kidnapping case, viewers are curious to see what other criminal cases await the S&S team as the second half of “Less Than Evil” kicks off.

“Less Than Evil” airs every Mondays and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST. Watch the latest episode below!

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