Shin Eun Soo Says Kim Tae Ri Is Her Role Model + Shares Genres She Wants To Explore

In a recent interview, Shin Eun Soo talked about her role model and the genres she wants to try out!

In the past, Shin Eun Soo starred in a web drama titled “Magic School” with Nichkhun, Yoon Park, Ryu Seung Soo, and more. Shin Eun Soo said, “There were a lot of people from our agency [JYP Entertainment]. It was amazing. When I went on set, I knew all the managers. At the time, the oppas made the set very fun.”

About the medium, she said, “Web dramas are slightly different from dramas. It was fun filming. I hope to do it again in the future. Web drama is an easy medium to approach among the diversifying mediums, and I think it’ll be good to act in a web drama too.”

Shin Eun Soo also expressed her interest in filming variety shows. “I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make people laugh, but I’m confident that I’ll work hard. I want to guest on programs such as ‘Ask Us Anything’ or ‘Battle Trip.’ I’ve discovered the fun of traveling with family. Going to new places excites me. I think I’ll go traveling with friends sometime soon as well,” she said.

The rising actress also shared that her role model was actress Kim Tae Ri. Shin Eun Soo said, “I’ve watched her various projects, and Kim Tae Ri was so good [in them]. Every time Kim Tae Ri attempts to transform her acting and I see her transform successfully, I get the thought that I want to improve my acting, one step at a time. Since I’m underage, I haven’t watched ‘The Handmaiden’ yet, but I want to see it soon.”

Successfully having carried out her first main role on terrestrial TV, Shin Eun Soo expressed her desire to try out romantic comedy and horror genres.

“The genres I want to try in the future are romantic comedy and horror. Don’t you think I could do romantic comedy after I get a little bit older? Since I haven’t tried a bright and happy role, I’m curious as to how I’ll digest the role. I really like Kim Yoo Jung, and she’s so lovely in ‘Clean with Passion for Now.’ I want to try horror because many people have told me that they think I’d be good at it. My next project hasn’t been decided yet, but I’m not picky about whether it’s a drama or film. I want to take on a good role soon.”

Catch up with Shin Eun Soo with her latest work “Bad Papa” down below!

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