Baekhyun Responds To Twitter Post Offering To Sell Personal Information About EXO Members

EXO’s Baekhyun has made his intentions clear with regards to the selling of personal information about idols online.

Many accounts on Twitter and other social media sites offer to sell the dorm addresses, car numbers, ID photos, and photographs of past girlfriends of idols. To one such post that stated, “I am selling information about EXO,” which included information about their addresses and favorite bars/restaurants, Baekhyun used his personal Twitter account to directly reply.

On January 5, he wrote simply, “Is it okay to sell other people’s information like this?”

As Baekhyun’s reply gained attention, the original post was deleted.

On the CBS radio show “Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show,” cultural critic Kim Sung Soo said that a legal response from the agency to these kinds of information peddlers might be difficult.

“If you catch the seller, then the buyers also become criminal,” he said. “However, those buyers are considered to be ‘fans.’ If you make too strong of a legal response, it could have effects beyond what the agency wants. The promotion period for an idol is quite short. If the contract is seven years, then the agency invests for four years and reaps the rewards for three. To the agency, this isn’t worth the risk.”

The critic continued, “It was originally the agencies who would encourage the leak of information such as, ‘Certain idols will be at this concert or this broadcast company.’ One might say that the first methods by which fandoms became victim to criminals were taught by the agencies themselves.”

However, some kind of response appears necessary as the selling of personal information can lead to emotional and material damage.

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