Jang Nara And Choi Jin Hyuk Share Why They Chose

The December 8 broadcast of SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment” revealed behind-the-scenes stories from SBS’s “The Last Empress.”

Jang Nara, who plays the role of the Empress Oh Sunny, said, “I chose this project because the emotions I could act out were so diverse, ranging from the [character’s] bright side to her dark side.” She shared, “The part I liked the most is that if someone hits her, she falls down but gets right back up to hit them back. Even if the hit misses, the fact that she tries is so charming.”

Choi Jin Hyuk, who plays the role of Na Wang Sik who transforms into Chun Woo Bin, commented, “I did ‘The Last Empress’ because I wanted to try [special effects makeup], but they said it’s very dangerous to go into the water with special effects makeup on. Also, they said my acting might look funny because my facial expressions may not be conveyed properly, so Tae Hang Ho eventually took on the role of Na Wang Sik.”

In particular, Choi Jin Hyuk shared a story of what occurred during the filming of his character’s confrontation with the Emperor, who is played by Shin Sung Rok. He revealed he went so far as to curse on the set after immersing himself in the role. Choi Jin Hyuk said, “After hitting the Emperor who asked, ‘Please hit me,’ the Emperor laughed. When I saw that, I unintentionally cursed out loud by saying, ‘That son of a bitch is laughing?’ After hitting him, my emotions swelled up.”

“The Last Empress” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST.

Catch up with the latest episode of “The Last Empress” below!

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