Eclectic & Eccentric: 6 Ways HyunA And Hyojong Complement Each Other's Style

Ever since HyunA and Hyojong (E’Dawn) officially stated to the world that they’ve been dating for two years, the couple has been unstoppable. They were not afraid of being seen together in public and post photos of each other showing affection on Instagram, which for an industry that is keen on keeping an idol’s image, was quite groundbreaking. There are many reasons why both stars are perfect together: their talent, undeniable chemistry, similar personalities, and most noticeably, their broad range of style. Here are some fashion hints that make them even more compatible:

HyunA’s style

HyunA’s style has evolved tremendously over the past years as she tried different trends until she found what’s true to her taste and personality. From the look of a pop princess to a fashion icon, HyunA always keeps her outfits fun and interesting.

Retro Future

It might be the title of Triple H’s song, but HyunA seems to embody it through and through. Off-cam and on her daily looks, she likes to wear a lot of vintage clothing and mix them with modern pieces. Only HyunA could pair a matching tweed jacket and quilted shoulder bag with sweatpants and bulky sneakers — and still look put together!

Color layering

True to her preference for vintage style, HyunA likes to layer on mismatched colors and textures that are quite unexpected but still cohesive. She’s not afraid to experiment when it comes to brightening her looks with a variety of colors all worn in one outfit.

Sporty and Edgy

HyunA also keeps it comfy and cool with athleisure wear and mixing oversized pieces with her other form-fitting looks.

Feminine Chic

You can never really guess what HyunA’s going to wear next as she changes it up with soft, feminine styles like sheer details, florals, and a dreamy printed dress.

Hyojong’s style

There’s not one word that can describe Hyojong’s style except perhaps cool or eccentric. Sometimes his style can also be genderless, and oftentimes he is seen wearing unisex looks. And just like HyunA, his style is unpredictable and unexpected, with distinct looks only a trendsetter can ever think of wearing.

A Play in Proportions

Hyojong likes to experiment with the fit of his clothes to match his slim body type. This is true especially with his choice of pants: oversized, high-waisted, low-rise, or tight fit.

Sporty Cool

In some ways just like his beau, Hyojong masters the hip hop look with matching sporty outfits that he often accessorizes with chunky jewelry.

Menswear mix

Hyojong has his own take on menswear style. He would pair a basic piece like a blazer with a hoodie, or a turtleneck with an oversized corduroy jacket.

Vampy Punk

When he’s not wearing oversized looks, Hyojong switches it up with darker tones and a touch of punk styles.


Couple Looks: Eye-catching Pair

No matter where they go, HyunA and Hyojong will surely get noticed for their love of color and exaggerated pieces that make a statement.

Twinning Outfits

It might be intentional or accidental, but sometimes they can be seen wearing the exact same or similar pieces and accessories. They also both have the same love for unique hats!

Designer Love

The couple would often post highlight pieces of their daily looks like monogrammed designer bags, shoes, and accessories.

Shoefie Shots

Together, they’re taking a big step as a couple (literally). Whether they’re wearing couple shoes or complementary ones, they always like to take “shoefies” to capture the moment!

Model Match

One could only imagine how easy it is for stylists to coordinate their shoots for magazines and pictorials, because even though they have their own individual styles, they have chemistry both on and off-screen and an uncanny ability to make any kind of style work.

Complementary Fashion

Despite both having a strong sense of style, neither of them overpower each other. When HyunA wears a splash of color, Hyojong keeps it minimal, and vice versa. This keeps their eclectic styles balanced. But whether on their own or together, HyunA and Hyojong always make it a point to look confident no matter what they wear.


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