Block B Supports Special DJ Park Kyung + Jokes About Realistic Friendship With Zico

Block B members have come together to support DJ Park Kyung!

On January 9, on MBC FM4U’s “Dreaming Radio,” Block B members B-Bomb, U-Kwon, Taeil, and P.O came as guests to support the special DJ Park Kyung. Despite originally being unable to attend due to a conflicting schedule, P.O hurried over after his schedule to make it in time before the end of the radio broadcast.

Block B, who is known for their mischievous image, made listeners laugh with their playful attitudes during the broadcast. In the beginning, when asked, “Who is the member that is most sensitive to online comments?” members B-Bomb and U-Kwon chose Zico, while Taeil picked Park Kyung.

U-Kwon said, “I have seen Zico look himself up online multiple times. When news about this comes out, he will probably see it.” Taeil also joked, “I never talk about him as a lot of articles get written when Zico is mentioned, and [Zico] has cursed at me before [about this].”

Park Kyung added, “That cursing, I have received a lot also.” He went on to explain that since Zico is the most well-known member, he gets mentioned a lot. B-Bomb said, “We are going to get another phone call when this information gets published in an article,” making the listeners laugh at their jokes as they showed off their realistic friendship.

Park Kyung also added that he leaves comments on articles about himself without comments. He confessed, “I am actually the one with the username ‘Jjongie’s Mom.’ In the past, I left a lot of comments such as, ‘It is nice to see Park Kyung because he feels like a son.'”

Block B also reminisced about their past as they talked about their most unforgettable moment, which they chose to be the first time they won No. 1 on a music show. Taeil revealed that he had been crying alone in the bathroom when he noticed that P.O was actually crying in the next stall, and the members expressed their shock by saying, “I can’t believe the manliest members of Block B, Taeil and P.O, cried in a bathroom together!”

Although Park Kyung jokingly said, “I’m not sure if the members came here to support me or to attack me,” the members showed their support and loyalty to Park Kyung in the end. The members supported him by saying, “Honestly, we came here to bother you, but you didn’t even stop us, and you were very good.”

MBC FM4U’s “Dreaming Radio” featuring Park Kyung as the special DJ airs everyday from 9 to 11 p.m. KST.

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