Eight Songs That Describe Realistic Reasons For A Breakup

As the honeymoon phase ends and years pile up, many couples often find themselves in a crisis. They start to wonder if their relationship is worth all the fights and arguments.

Conflicted and upset, they search for songs to comfort their tired and lonely hearts in hopes of finding a solution. Does my relationship stand a chance to start over or is it better to end it?

Here are eight breakup songs that describe realistic reasons for a breakup.

1. Ben – “180 Degrees”

The song tells the story of a common breakup. Ben sings, “What are you sorry about? Why are you always sorry? Even on the day of our breakup, you don’t know what caused it.”

By doing so, she accurately depicted the repeated fights between a couple in real life. The song further describes the lover’s attitude that has changed since the beginning of the relationship with lyrics that say, “Your facial expression and the way you talk have turned 180 degrees. Even the warm way you used to look at me and your scent. Our love and memories that have completely changed.”

2. Heize – “Don’t Know You”

In this song, Heize perfectly describes a person’s feelings as he/she has become indifferent about his/her lover. The lyrics state, “I didn’t realize the size of your love for me. I knew your clothing size, but I forgot and made a wrong guess on how to make you laugh.”

3. Roy Kim – “The Hardest Part”

“The Hardest Part,” which Roy Kim wrote and produced by himself, tells the story of a person who is no longer able to say “I love you.” The lyrics evoke various emotions of listeners by saying, “I am no longer inside your beautiful eyes that I’m looking at right now. Let’s put a stop to this. You can’t even say that you love me.”

However, Roy Kim later changes his attitude and begs, “No, don’t go. Tell me that right now is not the right timing, and don’t let me go,” which speaks on behalf of those who cannot easily break off things with their significant others.

4. Park Won – “Try”

This song describes feelings of when you realize your love has become something you have to put unwanted effort into. The singer confesses about the change in his feelings towards his lover and received sympathy from listeners who may have gone through a similar situation.

The cruel but honest lyrics say, “You say you love me more tomorrow than today, even though I probably love you more today than tomorrow.”

5. Yang Da Il – “Confession”

The song gave Yang Da Il the nickname of a “professional breakup person” because it explains the realistic emotions one goes through during a break up. The brutal lyrics say, “Even though I’m calling out your name, I don’t feel anything.”

6. Davichi – “Days Without You”

“Days Without You” tells the story of a person who is ruined after a breakup. Despite them pretending to be fine about the breakup, they become easily devastated about any little news regarding their ex lover.

With the lyrics that say “I hope that you are more hurt than I am. I hope that you will forget later than I do. I hope that you can’t sleep at night because of me. I want to live well, but without you, I’m a mess.”

7. 10cm – “Perfect”

By incorporating soothing melodies and a mournful voice, “Perfect” paints a picture of a person who lingers around their former lover, who has finally become “perfect” after the break up.

The lyrics poked the aching hearts of those who went through a similar breakup by saying, “Now that I’m no longer in your life, everything about you is finally perfect” and “yesterday was beautiful, but today feels like hell.”

8. Im Han Byul – “The Way To Say Goodbye”

The song tells a story about a person who is on their way to declare an end to a relationship. Especially with the lyrics that say “Please forget everything. Please live a better life as if you are rubbing it in my face. The one thing I couldn’t dare say. Asking you to hold me,” Im Han Byul brought tears to many people’s eyes.

What are some of your favorite breakup songs?

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