Jin Sun Kyu And Honey Lee Talk About Their Kiss Scene Feeling Like An Action Scene

Jin Sun Kyu and Honey Lee juggled comedy, investigations, and even a bit of romance for their upcoming film “Extreme Job” (literal title).

On January 10, the film “Extreme Job” held a press conference ahead of its premiere. Actors Ryu Seung Ryong, Honey Lee, Jin Sun Kyu, Lee Dong Hwi, Gong Myung, and director Lee Byung Heon were in attendance. ]

“Extreme Job” is an investigative comedy about a five-person drug task force that starts a chicken restaurant as a front for their operations, but have to deal with the restaurant becoming popular by word-of-mouth.

On her kiss scene with Jin Sun Kyu in the film, Honey Lee laughed and commented, “I filmed it while thinking it was an action scene instead of a kiss scene. Rather than our lips touching, I thought of it as an intense action scene.”

Jin Sun Kyu made everyone else laugh by saying, “When I first received the script and found out that I had a kiss scene with Detective Jang (played by Honey Lee), I received permission from Yoon Kye Sang.”

He shared, “After filming the scene, I thought, ‘Ah, this wasn’t a kiss scene. It wasn’t the kiss scene that I thought it was, but an extension of an action [scene].’ I thought about what to do to make it look the best.” Jin Sun Kyu added, “I think Honey Lee did it with the feeling that arises when two detectives, who are awkward when it comes to kissing, happen to kiss momentarily.”

“Extreme Job” premieres on January 23.

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