5 Most Adorable OTP Moments From Episodes 11 And 12 Of

After last week’s episodes with Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyeok going on a break, we were starving for some lovey dovey romance. It’s a good thing this past week’s episodes had so many adorable moments between the two characters! Here’s a look at five of the most adorable moments!

Warning: Spoilers for episodes 11 and 12 below. 

1. Them frolicking together in Cuba

When Jin Hyeok and Soo Hyun meet again in Cuba, the sparks are obviously flying. The two are so happy to be able to spend time with each other without having to worry about being in the public’s eye.


Along with the beautiful backdrop of Cuba, Soo Hyun and Jin Hyeok looked so carefree and in love. It’s melting the coldest of hearts this winter and we’re living vicariously through them.

2. Soo Hyun opening up to Jin Hyeok

Jin Hyeok and Soo Hyun go on a date to have a drink, and after having a few drinks, Soo Hyun starts to open up to Jin Hyeok about her feelings for him.

She reveals that she worries that Jin Hyeok is too good to be true and that it would all be a dream when she wakes up in the morning. She expresses her concern about how people close to her have always gone away. It’s a pretty big moment because it’s the first time in the series where Soo Hyun really tells Jin Hyeok her worries about her feelings for him. Even Jin Hyeok is taken aback by her honest confession!

3. Their beautiful scenic date and the couple rings

Not only did this scene look incredibly gorgeous because of the scenery and the two beautiful actors, but it was also super romantic how Jin Hyeok proposed the couple rings to Soo Hyun.

After a day of romantically taking photos of each other and nature, Jin Hyeok cleverly uses a film canister to give her such a meaningful gift. And it doesn’t stop here. After he gives her the couple rings, he says:

And when you have Eric Nam’s vocals serenading through the scene, it makes for basically the most romantic moment ever. In case you want to hear it while reading the rest of this feature, here you go:

4. When Jin Hyeok was showing Soo Hyun how to eat

Ok, so this part wasn’t the most romantic moment, but it was uber cute seeing Jin Hyeok teach Soo Hyun how to eat chicken feet. He’s showing her his world!

5. Soo Hyun showing up at Jin Hyeok’s door

Soo Hyun is given the ultimatum by the Taegyeong group to attend the memorial for Jung Woo Seok’s father. That same evening, Soo Hyun is also given an invitation to go to dinner with Jin Hyeok’s parents. She is put in a situation where she has to decide where she should go. If she doesn’t go to the memorial, it could mean cutting her ties with the Taegyeong group forever.

This part of the episode was pretty intense, but we all knew what was going to happen. Although the outcome was predictable, it made for a very romantic moment when Jin Hyeok opened his door and saw Soo Hyun there. Did you see the tears in his eyes?

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