Kim Jung Min Pens Letter About Her Estranged Father Passing Away

Actress Kim Jung Min has opened up about her relationship with her late father.

On January 11, Kim Jung Min wrote an emotional post about her father’s passing on her Instagram.

Her post reads as follows:

January 9, 2019. My father passed away. I learned today about the funeral of my father, whose funeral processions begin tomorrow. If my relative hadn’t contacted me, I might not have known.

I’ve been thinking a lot all the way home. I didn’t expect to cry. When I saw [his] portrait, I felt as if I’ve become a sinner. I didn’t realize how early [his death] would be.

When #DebtToo was at its height, I was worried that my father might have [an incident] like that too. I wanted to find out, but I hadn’t heard from him for over 15 years, and he was a father who had left me with only bad memories. But I guess that moment was my last chance to see my father when he was alive.

I didn’t even know that he had been struggling against a disease, nor was I able to see the final yom [process of wrapping deceased’s body to be laid in coffin]. If I had even imagined the funeral earlier, I would have called for the yom to be pushed back, but I wasn’t able to do anything.

Dad. I hated you a lot. I really resented you. But I think I understand now that it doesn’t mean anything when you’ve passed away. In a few hours, it is [the start of] the funeral processions. I hope you’re comfortable on your way. I’ve forgiven you, so I hope you’ll forgive me too. Today, January 11th, I’ll probably start to remember it for something else for the rest of my life. Father, I hope you will forgive me and rest in peace.

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We also send our deepest condolences to Kim Jung Min and her family for their loss.

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