Actors Who Make Viewers Experience Major Second Lead Syndrome With Their Unrequited Love

Second lead syndrome is when you wish the female lead of a drama would choose the second male lead although it’s obvious that she’ll end up choosing the other guy.

Their one-sided love brings tears to our eyes and breaks our hearts with the fact that they will never end up with the lead actress.

Here are seven second leads of recent dramas who have induced symptoms of second lead syndrome within all of us:

1. Kwak Dong Yeon

In “My ID is Gangnam Beauty,” Kwak Dong Yeon played Yeon Woo Young, the teacher’s assistant at the chemistry department who liked Kang Mi Rae (Im Soo Hyang). With perfect visuals and a considerate heart, he captured the hearts of many female viewers. Despite the fact he was rejected by Kang Mi Rae, he still remained kind to her until the very end.

2. Song Jae Rim

Song Jae Rim plays Choi Goon, the puppy-like second lead, in “Clean with Passion for Now.” Choi Goon is always there for Gil Oh Sol (Kim Yoo Jung), and his mysterious identity made hearts flutter even more.

3. Shin Sung Rok

People have been confused by Shin Sung Rok lately. Some think the sociopathic, murderous villain Hyuk from “The Last Empress” is cute and funny, especially when he becomes jealous of the true male lead Woo Bin (Choi Jin Hyuk). With Hyuk falling in love with Sunny (Jang Na Ra), viewers are becoming more struck by second lead syndrome as he protects her from everyone, including his own mother.

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4. Yoo Yeon Seok

In “Mr. Sunshine,” Yoo Yeon Seok broke many hearts with his deep, unrequited love for Kim Tae Ri. Throughout the drama, his tragic character Goo Dong Mae falls in love with aristocrat Go Ae Shin and risks everything for his love. She was his first and last love, and until his last breath, he thinks only about her.

5. Jang Ki Yong

It seems like Jang Na Ra has some of the best second leads! In “Go Back Couple,” Jang Ki Yong plays second lead Jung Nam Gil who is the son of a wealthy family. Despite being really popular in school, he has no interest in girls or a dating life. That is, until he meets Ma Jin Joo. His tough exterior is no match for the heart he wears on his sleeve while falling for her. It’s unfortunate that viewers still fell for him although they knew that Jang Na Ra will eventually end up with Son Ho Jun.

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6. Jang Seung Jo

If you’re looking for a really heart-rending second lead syndrome, then Jang Seung Jo is the one for you. In the drama “Encounter,” he portrays Jung Woo Seok, the ex-husband of Cha Soo Hyun (Song Hye Kyo) and heir to a major conglomerate. Although Jung Woo Seok is deeply in love with Cha Soo Hyun, he divorces her on purpose because of his mother’s mistreatment towards her. Despite the fact that it may be too late, Jung Woo Seok starts fighting against Kim Jin Hyuk (Park Bo Gum)  to win his ex-wife’s heart.

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7. SF9’s Chani

SF9’s Chani’s character Hwang Woo Joo has fallen head over heels for Kim Hye Na (Kim Bo Ra) in “Sky Castle.” However, between them is the queen of jealousy Kang Ye Seo (Kim He Yoon). Kang Ye Seo attempted everything to keep Hwang Woo Joo by her side, but Hwang Woo Joo has no intentions of allowing anyone else in his heart besides Kim Hye Na. Recently, Kim Hye Na fell off a building, making their love line unpredictable.

Who has been your favorite second leads recently?

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