SHINee's Key, Girl's Day's Hyeri, WJSN's Luda, And Park Na Rae Reveal Hopes For New Year

The cast and guests of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” shared their hopes and wishes for the new year!

On the January 12 episode of the variety show, WJSN (Cosmic Girls)’s Luda and Dayoung appeared on the show to help the cast guess the lyrics to various songs. Right before checking to see if Dayoung’s answers were correct, host Boom suddenly asked SHINee’s Key about his New Year’s wish in order to stall for time.

Boom then asked more specifically what kind of headlines Key hoped to see written about him in 2019. Key replied that he wanted to see an article about how his film had been a success because of him.

He went on to announce excitedly, “My film is premiering! ‘Hit and Run’! Since it’s the second week of January right now, it’ll premiere in just a few weeks. The trailer has already been released.”

When Boom asked the SHINee member to act out some of his lines from the film, Key said that he couldn’t. “I curse during every scene,” explained Key. “Jo Jung Suk, Gong Hyo Jin, and Ryu Jun Yeol are the leads, and I play a race car driver who got married at a young age.”

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri also shared her hopes for the new year, revealing, “In 2019, I [want to see an article that says] I lost 3 kilograms [approximately 6.6 pounds].”

Park Na Rae remarked, “Do those kinds of articles get published? Then I want to have one too. ‘In 2019, Park Na Rae becomes the first person in the world to grow 10 centimeters at 35 years of age.'”

Hyeri then asked the WJSN members about their New Year’s wishes. Luda replied, “WJSN gets a No. 1 triple crown for ‘La La Love.’ That’s my dream.”

Finally, Boom concluded, “Kim Dong Hyun, I’ll make one for you. ‘Kim Dong Hyun becomes a father to triplets.'”

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