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With Episodes 19 and 20 airing tonight on January 14, SBS’s “My Strange Hero” is well into its second half. (The drama has 32 episodes in total.)

“My Strange Hero” tells the story of a young man (Yoo Seung Ho) who was falsely accused of school violence when he was a student. Now an adult, he returns to the school as a teacher to get his revenge, but finds his mission complicated by the return of his first love (Jo Bo Ah).

With only 10 episodes left until its finale, viewers are keeping in mind four questions that have to be answered before the drama ends.


Can Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Bo Ah successfully protect their first love?

Bok Soo (Yoo Seung Ho) and Soo Jung (Jo Bo Ah) were separated for 9 years because of a misunderstanding, but were able to reunite when Bok Soo returned to the school as a teacher. Through Soo Jung’s courage, their misunderstanding was cleared up, but unlike Bok Soo, who continually expresses his feelings for her, Soo Jung continues to push him away.

However, Bok Soo managed to move her with his heartfelt confession, including producing the ring that he’d kept for nine years, and the two of them began their relationship. However, Se Ho (Kwak Dong Yeon), who had a crush on Soo Jung, has become jealous of the pair and the two are forced to hide their relationship.

Will Yoo Seung Ho reveal his school’s secrets and get revenge on Kwak Dong Yeon?

Bok Soo was expelled from his old school on the allegations that he pushed Se Ho from the roof. After returning to the school to get his revenge, he has sparred with Se Ho in a press conference, rescued Young Min (a student in the Ivy class who was struggling) from his glass booth, and fought again with Se Ho (who is the chairman of the school) to change the school’s education policy.

Se Ho’s villainy continues, however, as he becomes aware of Bok Soo and Soo Jung’s relationship. Since Bok Soo won’t take this lying down, he teamed up with Kyung Hyun and Min Ji to uncover the corruption going on at the school. He becomes aware that not only has the Ivy class has been getting most of the school’s resources, but also access to exclusive consulting and connections in terms of college admissions. Meanwhile, Se Ho continues to pressure the Wildflower class students to transfer schools.

How far will Kwak Dong Yeon and Kim Yeo Jin go?

It turns out that a major cause of friction between Se Ho and Bok Soo lies in the difference between their mothers. Se Ho has always been jealous of Bok Soo’s affectionate mother, Jung Soon (Kim Mi Kyung), who presents a stark contrast to Se Ho’s mother, Se Kyung, who ignores and berates him (Kim Yeo Jin).

When it turns out that Soo Jung likes Bok Soo too, he throws himself off the roof in an extreme act and gets Bok Soo expelled from the school. Se Ho’s excellent grades get him promoted as the chairman of the school, driving his mother out of the position. He hires Soo Jung as a teacher, who had unfairly not been allowed to have a regular position before, and promised her that he would fix the school’s problems.

He reverts back to his old habits, however, when his mother continues to be cold to him and Bok Soo returns to the school with his own plans. Se Ho tells Bok Soo and Soo Jung that they will never be happy together and has been using all his connections to continue the corruption of the school.

Will the Wildflower class be able to graduate successfully?

One of the first things that Se Ho did as the new chairman was to establish the Wildflower class, consisting of all the most troublesome students at the school. These include Bok Soo’s nephew, In Ho (Choi Won Hong), the student who ranks last place in the school in terms of grades, Seung Woo (Lee Kang Min), and the student who was chased out of the Ivy class, Young Min.

However, these students begin to change and grow in ways that people who dismissed them as troublemakers could not have imagined. In Ho was able to shake free of the burden of lying to his mother about what class eh was in, while Bok Soo, Young Min, and Seung Woo managed to win the general debate competition at the school. But Se Ho is attempting to overturn their win and force the students to transfer schools, threatening their successful graduation.

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