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GFRIEND gave fans a look at their preparations behind their latest album!

On January 14, the girl group shared videos from the filming of their “Sunrise” MV as well as the jacket photo shoot for their second album “Time for Us.”

The MV shooting video began with Yerin, who posed beautifully outdoors then asked for a hot pack. Eunha was up next and explained that she worked hard at practicing the piano for her scene. She showed off the result of her hard work by playing the beginning part of “Sunrise.”

Umji and Yuju asked for the director and joked that the two of them would be breaking up for the video. Umji and Eunha also had fun playing “Chopsticks” on the piano together as Yerin sang along with improvised lyrics.

The members then continued shooting at an indoor studio where Sowon posed in front of the camera. “We worked hard to film [the MV], so I hope each person watches it 100 times,” said Sowon.

After the clip showed SinB filming, Umji explained with a laugh, “This MV is sad, soft, and lonely. The director said to look at the camera as if we’re saying, ‘Where’d you go? Where’d you go without me?'”

GFRIEND then headed to a tunnel for the next scene. SinB said, “It’s cold. This is a secret, but I wore stockings inside of my pants. I’m the warmest. It’s a secret to the members.” Sowon added, “I read an article right before getting out of the car. Today’s weather is a record-breaking cold wave for this winter with a wind chill of negative 8 degrees Celsius (approximately 17.6 degrees Fahrenheit).”

As soon as filming ended, the members quickly put on their coats and huddled together for warmth.

In the behind-the-scenes video for their jacket photos, Sowon explained that they were filming on a farm.

Yuju told fans that although she was happy about filming outdoors for the first time in a while, she was also concerned about the weather and the possibility of getting wet from the snow melting off the trees.

After she was spotted getting a piggyback ride from her manager, Yerin explained, “It’s not because I’m a bad person. I was carried on his back to keep my shoes clean.”

The members came up with creative ways to endure the cold while filming outside. Yuju revealed, “I can bear the cold weather, but I can’t control my teeth chattering. My teeth don’t chatter if I put pressure on my stomach while filming.”

“Today’s concept is princess,” said SinB before stating that her dog Angku is the real princess. Umji posed with beautiful flowers, and Eunha explained she got hair extensions.

Speaking about her new blonde locks, Sowon said, “I feel like my impression became stronger.” GFRIEND was all smiles as they filmed with a herd of sheep as well as in pairs and as a group.

Introducing GFRIEND’s latest title track, Sowon said, “‘Sunrise’ is a song that gets better the more I listen to it. I thought that it felt similar to when I listened to ‘Time for the Moonlight,’ so I’m looking forward to getting a lot of love. As it nears the end, the emotions build up. It’s a song that shows GFRIEND’s unique sentiments, so I think our fans will really like it.”

“I think this comeback is a comeback that both GFRIEND and Buddys [GFRIEND’s official fandom] were waiting for,” said Yuju. “The song is really good. I pushed my bangs back for the first time, tied my hair, put it down, and tried many different kinds of styles, so please look forward to it. See you again Buddy!”

GFRIEND released their second album “Time for Us” and MV for title track “Sunrise” on January 14. Check out the MV here!

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