C Jamm Allegedly Assaulted By Group Of 5, To Take Legal Action

Rapper C Jamm is planning to take legal action as the victim of group assault.

January 14, the rapper’s legal representative said to Star News, “On December 19, 2018 in Itaewon, C Jamm was assaulted by a group of at most five people.”

According to C Jamm’s legal rep, an altercation began between C Jamm and the other individuals in a public place, after which he allegedly became victim to group assault. Details of the assault against C Jamm include, according to the lawyer, choking and blows the face. “C Jamm went to the hospital afterwards for treatment and was diagnosed with a two-week recovery period.”

“Once we investigate, determine the assailants, and gather evidence, we will be pressing charges against those whom we can ascertain committed assault.”

The legal representative added that C Jamm attempted to reach an amiable conclusion to the matter by offering to pay the hospital bill for someone who was injured in the fight. “However,” said the lawyer, “the person rejected the offer and demanded a settlement of tens of millions of won (10 million won is approximately $8,900), so C Jamm was forced to take legal action.”

C Jamm’s side also stated that there is very much a possibility of a counter-lawsuit.

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