A new making-of video has been released for SBS’s “The Last Empress”!

The video starts off with Shin Sung Rok and Jang Na Ra preparing for the scene where she curses him out when he feigns pain to get her attention. They rehearse the scene thoroughly to make sure there are no mistakes. During the official filming, they immerse into their characters, but once they are off camera, they smile amicably at each other while joking around.

When they have to film the scene again, Shin Sung Rok sweetly holds out the front of his jacket and tells her to grasp it. Jang Na Ra can’t help but smile as she does as told. Shin Sung Rok says his line, “Why are you just difficult to me and easy to Chun Woo Bin (Choi Jin Hyuk)?” Once filming stops, Jang Na Ra playfully responds, “You really don’t know why? My goodness.”

Then Shin Sung Rok playfully jokes around with her petite height by pointing out, “My neck hurts from looking down too much.” In revenge, Jang Na Ra asks the director, “I can really kick him in the shin, right?” The director gives his approval, and Jang Na Ra starts practicing her kicking. However, she becomes soft-hearted during filming and only pretends to kick him. The director tells her she needs to kick harder, and without much choice, she gives her co-star a light kick. When the cut sign is given, Jang Na Ra gives Shin Sung Rok an apologetic hug as she asks, “I didn’t kick you that hard, right?”

Next, Jang Na Ra shows chemistry with Choi Jin Hyuk as she acts out the bomb scene with him. Despite the fact that she is nervous about the loud sound the bomb makes every time they shoot a take, she does her best by throwing her body into the mattress. From grabbing her out of harm’s way to checking each scene meticulously, Choi Jin Hyuk is there with her every step of the way.

During the scene where Choi Jin Hyuk stays by Jang Na Ra’s bedside, they immerse into the romantic mood to create a loving scene. While waiting for the official filming to start, the two discuss the scene in detail while she is lying in bed and he has his head on the mattress. When she lightly grips onto his head to sit up, he jokes, “Are you grabbing my hair?” She assures him that wasn’t her intention by giving him a gentle pat on the back.

Check out the making video below!

If you haven’t already, check out the latest episode below!

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