Watch: GRIEND Votes For A New Leader + Tests Their Physical Strength With Hilarious Results On

GFRIEND made a splash on a jam-packed episode of JTBC’s “Idol Room.”

During the January 15 episode, the group returned to the studio to promote their new title track “Sunrise” from their second album.

Regarding their title track, Sowon first explained, “There were a lot of twists and turns with this song. We got the choreography for the track two days ago, and it’s incomplete.” GFRIEND took on the nano dance segment of the show, where they each performed the highlight of the song one after another.

GFRIEND also tackled the line dance segment, in which they danced perfectly in a line, without a single member sticking out when seen from the front. Despite them only having two days to learn the choreography, they pulled off both segments perfectly.

Next, the MCs hosted the “Fact Check” corner, where they questioned what kind of leader Sowon is. When the MCs asked if she ever scolded anyone, the members slyly picked Eunha. They also joked about how Sowon would always talk with them, but suddenly tell them to be quiet, as well as her unexpectedly impressive physical strength.

Jung Hyung Don brought up the topic of switching leaders and asked each member what they would do if they were the leader. Eunha said that she would buy the members hamburgers, and even added on soda and fries. Yerin wowed to give the members a salary every month. SinB first said that the group would fail if she were the leader, but then promised she would give each of the members their own rooms.

Umji chose changing the group’s introductory greeting, which was met with interest by the rest of the members. Yuju offered to give up the position of main vocal to someone else, but everyone rejected her offer. Sowon picked enforcing a curfew, which the others booed right away.

The MCs surprised GFRIEND by producing a voting booth, where each member “anonymously” voted for a new leader and explained the reason why. Though the votes were close, Sowon won with three votes. Two votes went to Yerin and one to SinB due to their promises for if they were to become leader.

In another part of the fact check segment, the MCs checked members who were rumored to have great physical strength. They first checked Yerin, who definitely impressed the MCs by being able to piggyback both Umji and Yuju. She declared that she wanted to try carrying Defconn, whom she easily piggybacked around the studio.

Another rumored member with physical prowess was Eunha. They challenged her to carry Sowon in her arms and do squats. Eunha initially confidently accepted, saying she has great lower body strength. However, she hilariously gave up as she wasn’t able to actually carry Sowon in her arms. Yerin then took on the challenge, but was the exact opposite of Eunha, as she was able to carry Sowon but was unable to squat. She tried again with Eunha, but failed once more. Umji also showed her desire to try, and was only able to do a few tiny squats before collapsing.

Using their physical strength, they took on the MCs in a game of tug-of-war. The girls did their very best, but Jung Hyung Dong and Defconn used all of their strength and won. The production staff suggested best of three rounds, to which both sides agreed. In the second round, Defconn slipped and fell, allowing the girls to pull a win. In the last round, GFRIEND struggled, and the MCs were able to win once more.

“Idol Room” airs every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. KST.

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