16 Golden K-Pop Idol Variety Show Moments That Will Crack You Up

Korean variety shows are undoubtedly one of the best entertainment means out there, and they keep getting better. To make their content even more special, our favorite idols make it doubly enjoyable whenever they’re invited as guest stars or they themselves are hosts of variety shows.

For your entertainment, we gathered some of the most momentous K-pop idol variety show segments that will surely make your day!

1. When BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jennie did aegyo

We always anticipate new groups’ appearance on variety shows to get to know them more, and BLACKPINK did not disappoint! As aegyo from members is often requested by the hosts, Jisoo and Jennie gave us quite the show, although them cringing about it was equally amusing!

2. When GOT7’s Jackson missed the target by a mile

Jackson has always been a master of variety shows, and even on the ones where you least expect it, he never fails to deliver. Despite failing to hit the bull’s eye at the “2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships,” he embraced his loss with utmost confidence, making the moment very rewarding for the audience!

3. When EXO’s Xiumin submerged in his own reality

Oblivious to his surroundings in “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets,” Xiumin immersed himself in a virtual reality game, thus giving it his all. He wasn’t aware he had company until Kang Daniel jokingly poked him, finally bringing his attention back to the real world!

4. When AOA’s Hyejeong went all “Okey Dokey Yo”

This game often comes up with the most mind-boggling results, and AOA’s version was quite unforeseen. Upon misinterpreting the word “OngkiJongki” as “Okey Dokey Yo,” Hyejeong proudly conveyed the newly-found expression to her members before it was eventually guessed right at the end.

5. When Apink’s Hayoung lost her balance

I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where we would literally laugh our butts off, and Hayoung is no exception! Embarrassed by her cute expression, the maknae started walking aimlessly until she lost her balance and ended up slamming into the wall.

6. When Henry introduced his unique cleaning routine

Speaking of balance, Henry sure knows how to use it to his advantage. Riding his hover board like a champ, the ambitious singer showed us how he cleans his house in an effective and pleasant way, much to our delight!

7. When BIGBANG acted out “Gwiyomi” like never before

Don’t you just miss seeing the mighty OT5 on screen? We do too, and thankfully we’ve been left with a set of epic variety gems. The clip below shows one of many things we love about BIGBANG: their dorky attitude.

8. When Girls’ Generation played charades

If you haven’t seen these fine ladies owning variety programs, then you are definitely missing out! This session of “Guess the song/movie” was on a whole new level, especially with Hyoyeon seemingly filling the black sheep position for her team.

9. When Lovelyz’s Baby Soul channeled her demonic voice

Have you ever witnessed something so scary that you couldn’t help but eventually laugh it off? Well, the hosts’ reaction to Baby Soul’s sudden change in voice was undoubtedly priceless, which made the situation even more humorous in return.

10. When BTS’s Suga turned his savage mode on

If you’re familiar with the rapper’s attitude, you know that he tops his members in matters of savagery. As seen below, no one escapes his wrath, and that includes both his fellow members and the hosts of the show. Granted, his antics are so unexpected that one can’t help but cackle at the outcome.

11. When MAMAMOO’s Hwasa dropped jaws with her answers

As we have all discovered through different shows, Hwasa is a true variety talent! Staying true to her character, she didn’t hesitate to speak her mind freely while trying to guess a line from tvN’s “Goblin,” which stunned both the hosts and guests of “Ask Us Anything” to say the least.

12. When TWICE went with the flow

No one does extra on TV like TWICE. This little clip of Chaeyoung, Nayeon, Sana, and Mina revealing some of their killer moves while freely dancing honestly gives us life… and also makes us wonder what other sorts of fun they have up their sleeves!

13. When BTOB’s Eunkwang displayed his ugly dance

Speaking of dancing, if you haven’t yet seen Eunkwang’s odd yet famous dance routine, we’ve got your back. Although we can feel his members’ secondhand embarrassment, the leader himself was flinching on the inside while laying his special moves; which makes it all the more entertaining!

14. When WINNER’s Seunghoon imitated Yang Hyun Suk

One of YG artists’ lifelong traditions is to poke fun at their boss, Yang Hyun Suk. We’ve seen many attempts throughout the years, but perhaps Seunghoon’s EDM version effortlessly takes the throne. See for yourselves!

15. When Kim Heechul was teased by the other Super Junior members

Who would’ve thought that the king of pushing buttons would ultimately find himself in the same dire situation? Luckily for us, we have the other Super Junior members to thank for that. When they appeared on “Ask Us Anything,” Eunhyuk, who was later joined by Leeteuk and Shindong, pinned him down with rather teasing claims that left him frozen, so to speak!

16. When EXID’s Hani lost her chill

This specific prank made our day, week, month, and whole year, simply because it graced us with perhaps one of Hani’s most ridiculous facial expressions to date! The expression she makes when BTOB’s Changsub is suddenly revealed is just hilarious.

Which idol variety show moment is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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