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We’re down to only a couple more episodes of “Encounter.” Can you believe it? We’ve gone on a wonderful romantic journey with Cha Soo Hyun (Song Hye Kyo) and Kim Jin Hyuk (Park Bo Gum), and we’re all the better for it. “Encounter” has been the perfect simple fairy-tale K-drama that was needed this winter season and it’s sad to think that it’s almost over! But before we wallow over the series almost ending, let’s take a look at what we loved and hated about episodes 13 and 14.

Warning: spoiler for episodes 13 and 14 below. 

1. LOVED: The simple and romantic proposal

This is an obvious one. Jin Hyuk casually comes over to Soo Hyun’s house and presents her with a bouquet from the magazine shoot he had earlier in the day. He tells her to hold it and says that she looks so pretty – and he means it. Then he proceeds to propose to her.

I knew that the proposal from Kim Jin Hyuk was going to be romantic and unique. Mainly because he’s so dreamy and we wouldn’t expect anything less than epic in terms of proposals. The way he presents marriage to Soo Hyun is simple, so subtle, but perfect.

2. LOVED: Cha Soo Hyun finally giving Director Choi Jin Chul what he deserves

The part where Cha Soo Hyun shows up to the board meeting unannounced is total boss goals. She owns the room, and the power she exudes is by far one of her best moments in the series. Although Cha Soo Hyun owns the hotel, she was far from being in control. There was always someone who was trying to throw her over and take advantage, which is why this scene is so epic. She is able to gain the power she never really had.

Droppin’ the mic.

3. HATED: Jin Hyuk’s mother asking Soo Hyun to break up with her son

Jin Hyuk’s mother has been apprehensive about her son’s relationship with CEO Cha from the beginning. She longs for her son to have a normal relationship where people won’t be constantly scrutinizing the relationship. So when she finally meets up with Soo Hyun and asks her to break up with him, we could all hear and feel her heart shatter into a million pieces.

Now this is a trope that has always and will continue to annoy me. I know Jin Hyuk’s mom has his best interest at heart, but if he’s happy with Soo Hyun, why meddle? It made me feel awful for Soo Hyun who really has had nothing to be happy about in her life until meeting Jin Hyuk. And to have that taken away from her is just heartbreaking.

4. LOVED: The bromance between P.O and Park Bo Gum

It’s no secret that these two have affections towards each other while filming on set. And it’s clear that they have a special bond when they have scenes together. It was adorable seeing them be playful and joking around in episode 14, especially considering how tense and serious it was! They provided the perfect comic relief.

5. HATED: The heartbreaking date

Soo Hyun begins to distance herself from Jin Hyuk, knowing she’s going to break up with him. Jin Hyuk is also suspicious of Soo Hyun’s cold shoulder but he acts like it’s nothing. So when Soo Hyun agrees to go on a date with Jin Hyuk, we know it’s not because she wants to, but because she wants to have one more good day with him before she parts ways.

The whole scene is so heartbreaking. Especially because Jin Hyuk is smiling like a puppy dog every time he’s with her. It’s hard to get the warm lovey-dovey feels on their date because we know that Soo Hyun is going to shatter his heart. I’m not looking forward to next week’s episodes.

Hey Soompiers, what was your favorite part from this past week’s episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

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