Watch: Samuel Celebrates Birthday With Freestyle Dance Video And Handwritten Letter To Fans

Samuel is celebrating his birthday this year by showcasing his talents and writing a sweet letter to fans!

He first shared a video of him performing a freestyle dance to Usher’s “There Goes My Baby.” Samuel shows off his smooth dance moves in a comfortable outfit, with the ocean as his background.

Samuel also shared a handwritten letter for fans that he wrote for his birthday part event, which took place on his birthday, and it reads as follows:

Hello! Today is January 17, 2019. I’m celebrating my 18th birthday (Korean age) with Garnets [official fan club name].

Thank you so much to Garnets for celebrating my birthday today. It feels like only yesterday that I spent my birthday with you last year, but it’s already been a year since then and I can’t believe it!

I’ve become 18 this year, and I honestly thought a lot of things would change once I turned 18. But I still feel like the only thing that’s changed is the number of my age. But hopefully I’ll be able to make lots of memories with Garnets and undergo my own change and transformation this year, right? Please anticipate it.

I don’t think there have been many times when I’ve spoken to Garnets sincerely about what I’ve wanted to say on the official fan cafe, on social media, or right in front of Garnets! Thinking about reading this letter in front of you all for my birthday makes my heart race, even more than when I have to perform on stage. I try my best to express my sincerity to you, but because I’m quite shy and not good at expressing myself, I don’t think I do enough. Thank you for understanding and loving me despite my faults.

I spend every day thinking about what I can do to show Garnets a new and better side of me. I’m always thinking about what I can do to show Garnets, who always give me so much love, a better side of me and better results! Today’s birthday party is the first time in a while I’m meeting Garnets, so I thought a lot about what I could do to make unforgettable and fun memories and show you things that you’ll like.

One year is both long and short, so thank you so much for spending that time with me, and I will work hard to grow and be someone who doesn’t disappoint you. I will appear in front of you in many different ways this year, so please anticipate it.

This can be something I can say and it will never be enough, or maybe you’ve heard it enough from me, but I love you like crazy, Garnet.

Happy birthday to Samuel!

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