INFINITE’s L Describes How Difficult It Was To Adapt Performances While Sunggyu’s In The Military

In a recent interview with Star News, INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung Soo) talked about what it’s like to perform as a five-member group while Sunggyu is in the military.

When asked how the group prepared for their fan meeting at the end of the year, L said, “We did the choreography this time with five members [after Sunggyu enlisted in the military.] We worked really hard while preparing because there were a lot of parts that we had to change. The original choreography is really ingrained in me. It was very difficult because we were doing a new choreography formation while singing.”

L went on to say that his singing parts also increased a lot with Sunggyu’s absence. “In particular, I had more parts with high notes,” he said. “I’m not a singer with a high tone, so I haven’t usually taken on high notes. I felt a lot of pressure and thought ‘I have to do well.'”

He added that he also had to right away go to the 2018 MBC Drama Awards after one of the fan meetings, and then perform again the next day, which was tiring. “However, it was really fun because it was an official opportunity for us to meet with our fans together as a group,” he said.

When it was suggested to L that there must have been a lot of changes to their singing parts since Sunggyu is the main vocalist of the group, L confirmed that was true and said he ended up doing a lot of Sunggyu’s parts.

“I think I did more than half,” he said. “But since our members are all vocalists, we were able to fill in the blank space in terms of our singing. It was more difficult to perform after changing the original choreography. It was really hard because we had to go towards different places than we used to.”

When asked if INFINITE will be promoting together this year, L replied that they all have a lot of individual work. “To be honest, we’re still in the planning stages,” he said. “Nothing has been put into action yet but we have a lot of things prepared, so I think other group activities may happen.”

L was also asked about any plans to enlist for his mandatory military service. He replied, “I’ll go when it’s time. There’s nothing decided concretely yet. There are a lot of things I need to do now. This is an important time for me.”

“If you say ‘the singer L,’ people know me to a certain degree,” he said. “I think that ‘the actor Kim Myung Soo’ isn’t as recognized a name as ‘L’ is. So I think that widening my position as an actor is important for me now.”

L will be starring in the KBS 2TV drama “Angel’s Last Mission: Love,” and he said he wants to show more diverse sides of himself.

“I did a historical drama the year before last, a legal drama last year, and now I’m doing a romantic comedy,” he said. “I want to do an even better job because there could be prejudice about how I’m an ‘actor who started as a singer.’ I want to show that the actor ‘Kim Myung Soo’ is able to do this kind of genre too. I hope you’ll look forward to it a lot.”

“Angel’s Last Mission: Love” also stars Lee Dong Gun and Shin Hye Sun, and it is currently scheduled to premiere in May.

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