iKON Talks About Winning A Daesang, Overcoming Personal Slumps, And More

Ilgan Sports recently released their interview with iKON as part of their interview series in which interviews with celebrities are conducted in a casual manner over drinks.

After talking with iKON for a bit about their drinking limits, the interviewer asked them if they went out for drinks to celebrate after winning Digital Song of the Year (Digital Daesang) at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards.

Junhoe said, “After we finished our Seoul encore concert, we went out for a celebratory dinner with the president [Yang Hyun Suk]. We haven’t had a celebratory dinner with just the members.”

B.I added, “We haven’t had what feels like a proper celebratory dinner yet. There are a lot of moments we would have liked to celebrate, but there wasn’t time. We don’t know in advance when we’ll have free time.”

The conversation naturally turned to iKON’s feelings after winning the Daesang. Junhoe said, “Since there were so many great seniors, I thought we wouldn’t get it. I didn’t anticipate it at all and when they called our name, I couldn’t believe it. When it started to sink in, it felt very romantic. Something about the moment when I saw my members’ faces was romantic. It was my first time ever giving an acceptance speech as well.”

Yunhyeong said, “I couldn’t believe it. You can see it on our faces at the time that we didn’t expect it at all. We just went to the Golden Disc Awards to have fun and then they called our name. It didn’t sink in even when we were giving the acceptance speech.”

B.I said, “I was so surprised I fell backwards. Even while we were going up on stage, I was in a daze. I thought, ‘Is this really happening?,’ my legs were shaking, and I was hardly breathing. I had to give a speech but my mind was blank.”

Donghyuk said, “I was holding back tears but ended up tearing up during the interview. Of all the members, I think I was the last person to have it sink in. Even during the encore, I was like, ‘Why am I here?’ But when they gave us the trophy, I teared up. We’re still lacking in a lot of ways but I thought of all the people who loved us and suffered for our sakes. I don’t think that we won the Daesang because we’re amazing. The award doesn’t belong just to us.”

Bobby said, “It’s a song that came out early that year but it got a lot of love throughout the year. I felt like our hard work was being rewarded and it felt good. I think of it as an opportunity that may not come around again.”

Jinhwan said, “My mind went blank. I’m the type to cry a lot, but I was so surprised I didn’t cry. I thought a lot about the people I was thankful for.”

Chanwoo said, “I was almost afraid to be happy. I remember going up on stage while applauding. My father told me I should have hugged Junhoe and acted happy and that I looked like someone who had come just to clap for other people. Haha, my family was really happy though.”

The interviewer also asked the iKON members how they overcame their personal slumps. Donghyuk said, “I get a lot of advice from people older than me and my friends. I think that it’s hard to endure things on your own so I tell people when I’m in a rut.”

B.I said, “I think time is the cure for everything. But it’s not about enduring things vaguely while waiting for time to pass. I have a lot of friends who are similar to me so I tell them about my concerns and complaints. I find that things clear up after talking with friends like that.”

Junhoe said, “At one point, I tried to solve things by drinking, but I found that that was a bad habit. So I started exercising instead. My trainer is a dependable person. Thanks to him, I got abs after 7 months.”

Yunhyeong said, “I like spending time with my members, but I think it’s also a good experience to hang out with my non-celebrity friends. I relieve stress by talking with them.”

Chanwoo said, “I get strength from spending time with my family and friends” and Bobby said, “When I’m having a difficult time, I pray.”

Jinhwan said, “I’m the type of person who believes in mind over matter. No matter whether something bad happens or something good happens, I just continue doing what I’ve been doing. As the oldest member of iKON, it’s hard for me to open up easily. But I think to myself that I haven’t experienced any serious slumps and get over it that way.”

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