iKON Talks Line Distribution, MOBB, And How Their Comeback Will Be Different From 2018

In a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, iKON talked about the success of “Love Scenario,” line distribution between the members, and their plans for the coming year, and more.

Donghyuk said that when an expert came onto the news to talk about “Love Scenario,” they were so surprised. “We didn’t even know that was going to happen. We weren’t trying to create a hit with the song, so it was really surprising.”

Talking a little bit about his process for writing songs, B.I said, “I think it’s best to just have fun when writing. But it is true that rather than when you’re comfortable, songs turn out better when you’re a little unstable. However, the atmosphere when you’re writing a song has to be fun. At the same time, you can’t get all pumped up and say ‘I’m going to write a huge hit.'” B.I said he’s speaking from personal experience, and that all the songs he wrote when actively trying to make a hit were mediocre.

Jinhwan added that they try not to feel too much pressure and instead focus on making the music they want and putting on great performances.

The interviewer then asked about their line distribution, mentioning that though iKON is a hip hop group, most of the members are vocals. B.I said, “We have two rappers and five vocals, so honestly, we have no choice but to split vocal parts. It is a little hard trying to split everything evenly.”

The group also said they’re not too hung up on maintaining their reputation of having clean, synced choreography. Donghyuk explained, “We thought about it a lot, because YG isn’t really known for super synchronized dancing, although I do think that one of iKON’s charms is our clean choreo. To achieve it, you need to practice a lot.”

Donghyuk, as the iKON member with the most interest in dance, often participates in the creation of their choreography. He said, “When I watch the members dancing, their personalities really come out through their movements. As we gain more experience and the members’ really come into their own characters, we’re going to let go of the sharp choreography little by little.”

On solo activities, Junhoe said he wants to wait until iKON is better established as a group, while Bobby said that MOBB (Bobby and WINNER’s Song Mino) is thinking about a release this year. “Every time I meet Song Mino, we say, ‘We need to make a comeback.’ We’re thinking about this year. Right now, we’ve gone one step past the we-need-to-do-something stage.”

B.I mentioned what iKON has coming up, saying that he predicts the choreography for their next release is going to be difficult. “Last year, we did a lot of sad songs, so I’m tired of that now. We’re preparing a song and performance with a lot of energy. I’m not sure if it’ll turn into a series like ‘New Kids.’ For right now, we’ve prepared a song.”

Donghyuk added that he wants to show more through dance, and that the members are picking up harder moves well. “I think I might end up working through the lunar new year.”

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