6 K-Beauty Items For Deeper Skin Tones

It’s an easy transition from K-pop to K-beauty, but if you happen to be more tanned or have a deeper skin tone, you’ll quickly realize that a lot of K-beauty products may not be suitable for you. This lack of inclusivity can be quite a let-down and may even be a huge turn-off when it comes to Korean beauty. But fret not! If you’re determined enough, you can still come across items that will be as equally flattering on your skin. Here are a few K-beauty items that’ll make you look good even if you don’t have Snow White skin.

 1. Innisfree Aqua Fit Cushion

This line of BB cushions has a whopping number of 14 shades! Yep, some K-beauty brands out there are evolving to be more inclusive when it comes to skin tones and don’t just cater to the usual #21 and #23 shade range. Innisfree’s Aquafit Cushion can cover imperfections with just one swipe and still leave your skin with a healthy glow. It’s an almost perfect recipe for your everyday BB cushion!

2. 3CE Velvet Lip Tint

If you’ve gone browsing through lip products in a Korean beauty shop, you’ve probably noticed that most of the shades fall into the red, pink, and orange range. Many of them wouldn’t be flattering on any skin tone besides fairer ones, which leads us to the 3CE Velvet Lip Tints! You can see that they have a lot more shades that are deep-skin-tone-friendly, such as Know Better, Childlike, Private, and Taupe. This is not the only lip line from 3CE that has a diverse color range, so go ahead and browse! You’re one step away from finding a Korean brand lip product that finally matches your skin tone!

3. Etude House Play Color Eyes in Wine Party

It’s a tad bit difficult to find shadows that would suit people of deeper skin tones, as the colors might not even appear on your lids (because your eyelids are almost the same shade of brown) or the colors just don’t do your skin tone justice. This Wine Party palette has colors that are almost universal! Wine Burgundy and Soulmate would be amazing for that sultry look, while the gold shimmers will give you the extra glam you need for a night out. This is a palette you can be confident in with both day and night looks packed in one.

4. Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo

There aren’t many options for contouring either, but a popular choice for many is this contouring stick by Etude House. You can opt for either #5 (Natural Light + Natural Deep) or #6 (Neutral Light + Neutral Deep), their two darkest shades. The creamy formula makes for easy application and fuss-free blending. The product can also be layered on, so if the contour is too subtle for your liking on first application, you can always go over it again.

5. Kaja Mochi Glow Bouncy Highlighter

Kaja’s cream-to-powder highlighter will give you that effortless glow everyone is vying for! It has a beautiful sheen that is perfect for everyday use, and for days when you want a brighter shine, you can just build it up. Luna (sparkling champagne) and Stardust (golden bronze shimmer) will look great on deeper skin tones. It’s time to get your glow, girls!

6. Kaja Don’t Settle Concealer

Another one from Kaja! Their concealers come in 12 shades, so you have a little more options to choose from compared to your everyday K-beauty brand. It has medium coverage and a natural finish, so you won’t have to worry about your makeup being cakey or having creases. This will achieve that smooth and flawless base, and it will definitely be a welcome addition to your makeup bag!

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