7 Wanna One Moments To Remind Us Of The Craziness That Will Be Missed

Although Wanna One’s contract officially ended on December 31, their long-dreaded final schedule is the last concert, which started on January 24 and will conclude on January 27.

We could really go on forever about what we will miss about the group, from their outstanding talents to their warm personalities. One other aspect that Wannables will miss is simply watching them have fun together. The 11 members can be pretty wild individually, but this craziness is multiplied to an unbelievable level when they are gathered.

Here is a look back at just a few of the endless number of times that Wanna One brought smiles to our faces with their hilarious chemistry:

Birthday Siren

One classic example of this is a “siren” clip that Yoon Ji Sung shared that features the audio of the Wanna One members being very excited(?) in the van on Park Woo Jin’s birthday. As soon as it was released, Wannables began deciphering the voices but could not figure out who the “siren” noise was coming from, and the fandom went into shock when it was later revealed to be Lee Dae Hwi.

Contagious Dancing

It only took a couple of seconds for the Wanna One members to break out into these dance moves with no question, all while showing off a bit of their individual personalities.


Sushi Song

Lee Dae Hwi and Kang Daniel spontaneously created this catchy chobap (sushi) song. They began with actual types of sushi, but things got a little weird when Park Woo Jin started naming the members, which Lee Dae Hwi incorporated as types of sushi in the song. Park Woo Jin then saying “na” (me) resulted in “na chobap,” and Lee Dae Hwi and Kang Daniel quickly turned this into “nacho,” having a lot of fun as they kept on repeating it.

Park Ji Hoon looked at them strangely, but once he reluctantly joined in, he seemed to enjoy it just as much.

Supportive(?) Hype Squad

Beginning at about 0:45 in the video below, the Wanna One members boasted perfect teamwork as they hilariously cheered for their leader Yoon Ji Sung at just the right times.

The “ONCE” Incident

In this behind-the-scenes video, the members caught Lee Dae Hwi watching a TWICE music video teaser, to which he proudly exclaimed, “I’m a ONCE (TWICE’s fan club name).” In response, Kim Jae Hwan suddenly started singing “Falling Slowly” from the film “Once,” and Yoon Ji Sung immediately chimed in.

Lee Dae Hwi laughed and explained, “It’s not that ‘Once’ but the ‘one in a million’ (TWICE’s introduction) ‘ONCE.'”

They started singing again with Kang Daniel, and Lee Dae Hwi suddenly joined in also despite his previous claim. The members hilariously did not know any of the lyrics past the one line, so they just kept on repeating it over and over again

The best part? They even sound good when fooling around like this…


Try Not to Laugh

On their reality show “Wanna One Go: ZERO BASE,” the members held their own “try not to laugh” challenge. They didn’t really last at all though, and it became more of a competition to see who is funniest. What might be funnier than the members dressing up though is the harmonious laughter of main vocalists Ha Sung Woon and Kim Jae Hwan…

Pranking Lee Dae Hwi

In celebration of Wanna One’s “Amigo TV” episodes reaching 1 million views, a special clip was released of the members splitting up into two teams to show off some dance moves. The first team placed Lee Dae Hwi in the center and let him dance alone, but the members managed to trick him with their acting skills, yelling things like, “Wow, you guys are so synchronized!” They even had him do it again as Park Ji Hoon and Lai Guan Lin claimed to have messed up, and the other team expressed their wishes for an encore. They kept the acting up for the second time, saying comments like, “Jin Young, you’re late.”

The second team showed Wanna One’s amazing teamwork in a different way with their incredible synchronization.

Although it may be difficult to see the group’s lively teamwork in the future, these memories will live on forever. What are some of your favorite Wanna One moments? 

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