Boy-Beauty Inspo From 7 Male K-Pop Idols Who Rock Makeup

Gone are the days when the world used to think makeup and skincare were meant only for women. The way we decide to express ourselves through fashion, hairstyle, or makeup is so personal we all should have the right to decide how and if we want to use it, and the K-pop industry has been aware of that for a while now. For that same reason, many male idols have found in makeup a way to stand out and create signature looks, becoming nowadays living proof that the only requirement to wear makeup is wanting to. Some names come to mind? Well, here are some of our fave male idols who pull off makeup better than anybody.

GOT7 – BamBam

Red/pink/orange eyeshadow and blushed lips are to BamBam what honey is to bees. Is there anyone else out there who can pull off these colors as well as he can? A good mix of blushed tones mixed with fair skin and a light smokey eye here and there have turned BamBam into makeup-envy material.

BTS – Jimin

The smokey eye king right here. Jimin likes to play with the intensity of his eyeshadow, sometimes going for a deeper look by wearing dark brown or black shades, while other times preferring earthy tones to brighten up and frame his eyes. His heart-shaped lips are usually on the pink side, which is a perfect match for the darker shades on his eyes, making his makeup just as multifaceted as he is.


Can we really talk male-makeup without talking Baekhyun? Don’t think so. He’s shown us he can go from sweet to savage in the blink of an eye just by intensifying or softening his eyeshadow. We’ve seen him pulling off everything from black eyeshadow and eyeliner for “Monster” to glittery sunshine looks for “Blooming Day” and everything in between. Did you know he has a special preference for burgundy?

The Rose – Woosung

As if his voice weren’t special enough, Sammy knows how to rock copper eyeshadow like no other. While he tries other shades from time to time, it’s this one in particular he’s made a statement of. Not afraid of going super intense while keeping it soft for certain occasions, Sammy definitely knows how to use makeup to add some intensity to his outfits.

Hyojong (E’Dawn)

Did you really think we could leave him out of this list? Hyojong sports probably one of the most interesting and particular styles we’ve seen on an idol in the past few years. He goes all in when expressing himself through makeup and enjoys every minute of it. The blush king has found a way to match his personal style and voice to the hangover look, which he pulls off to perfection.

NCT – Taeyong

The man who looks good in everything of course had to make it to this list. Taeyong is a chameleon not only with fashion and hair, but also when talking makeup, changing his looks around every time there’s a comeback on the way in order to fit the new concept. He loves trying new looks and is not afraid to take things a little farther, reason why we’ve seen him wearing everything from pale to cherry lips and from smokey brown eyes to metallic reds, bright pink, or intense gold.

SHINee – Key

Key is not only a skincare guru, but also one of the boldest idols when talking makeup. He’s not afraid to break the norm and try things fans wouldn’t expect. From fake freckles to graphic eyeshadow and blush, fantasy hair colors and perfect brows, Key is living proof makeup is meant to be about having fun and expressing yourself.

Did your favorites make it to the list, Soompiers? Let us know in the comments which look you’d like to try!

Caromalis is a K-pop and K-beauty obsessed vlogger and writer. You can find her interviewing some of yours (and her) favorite groups when they visit NYC, trying the latest K-beauty trends or testing idols’ skincare routines. Say hi to Caro on Instagram and Twitter!

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