Hyuk Shares Thoughts On VIXX's Unique Concepts, His Growth As An Artist, And More

VIXX’s Hyuk took part in an interview with news outlet MBN Star for his new solo single “Boy with a star” and talked about VIXX’s concepts, how he grew as an artist, and possible military enlistment of members N and Leo.

VIXX’s concepts are nothing like any other group’s. One could expect that receiving so much love through their various concepts would put pressure on VIXX about having to return with a new concept each time, but Hyuk replied in the negative. “We get asked that a lot, but we don’t feel that way. We know that VIXX’s strength lies in our immersive and expressive [performances], so much so that we jokingly tell each other, ‘We don’t have to practice our dances, we just have to look in the mirror and practice our stares.’ That’s probably why we became known as a ‘concept-dol’ (concept idol).”

Before he became a part of VIXX, Hyuk was uncertain about taking the path of a singer. He shared, “I started off as a trainee. It was harder than I thought it would be, and I was afraid that this might not be the right path for me. Right when I was thinking of giving up and going back to my usual daily life, I was chosen as a member of VIXX. But my decision to stay in VIXX was all thanks to our members, rather than the company. Though he might feel burdened if I say this, N was someone I could especially rely on, and I decided that I could safely trust him to lead me through this new life.”

Hyuk revealed that up until VIXX’s release of “Shangri-La,” he was not confident in himself. “I debuted even though my skills were lacking. That’s why I worked harder than anyone else, thinking that I shouldn’t hold the team back. In the past, I was also feeling pressured about singing. There were things that I could have done but ended up not doing because of the belief that I couldn’t, but my older brothers [VIXX] believed in me and led me forward.”

Now, Hyuk is a skilled vocalist who recently released his first solo digital single “Boy with a star.” Asked when he put down the burden on his shoulders and gained confidence in himself, he responded, “It was at VIXX’s first concert. Of course it didn’t happen all at once, and it involved a process, but I started feeling at ease after performing our song ‘Memory’ as a duet with Ravi. He took charge of the rap parts, and I sang all of the vocal parts. That’s when I gained confidence, and now I feel ready.”

Many male idols are approaching the age at which they have to enlist in the military, and as the oldest members of VIXX, N and Leo are expected to enlist some time soon. Hyuk reassured fans about what’s to come by stating, “Looking back on the past, I was able to overcome any hard times thanks to our members and fans. I’m sure our fans are well aware of this. As long as you [fans] are here, we will hold on to each other, trust one another, and wait so that we can create more memories and fun moments in the future.”

Take a listen to Hyuk’s first solo single “Boy with a star” here!

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