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On January 22, rising actor Kim Dong Hee sat down for an interview to talk about his hit drama “SKY Castle.”

In the JTBC drama, Kim Dong Hee plays No Seung Hye (Yoon Se Ah) and Cha Min Hyuk’s (Kim Byung Chul) older son Cha Seo Joon. Although his role as the innocent high school student has contributed to the success of “SKY Castle,” Kim Dong Hee commented, “I didn’t realize I’d receive so much love. I’m thankful.”

Expressing his shyness at the sudden rise in interest towards him, Kim Dong Hee commented, “I’m still at the stage where I don’t really realize how influential viewership ratings can be. Because the reactions around me are so great, I think, ‘Is that amazing?'” The drama recently broke the record for the highest viewership ratings in cable network history, recording an average nationwide viewership ratings of 22.3 percent.

The actor then discussed the final scripts for the drama. He revealed, “Many friends and acquaintances have asked about the play’s development. Every time that happens, I’d say, ‘The script hasn’t come out yet,’ ‘I haven’t read the script yet,’ and ‘I’m curious as well.’ Those were lies, but I couldn’t give them spoilers. Now, a lot of people around me are asking me about the ending. I read the script for episodes 19 and 20. Of all the scripts so far, these were the most fun to read. However, if you’re curious about the end of the drama, I hope [viewers] tune in when it airs.”

When asked about similarities with his character in the drama, Kim Dong Hee said, “Many people tell me that I’m very calm these days. I feel like I’ll become Seo Joon. That’s why I don’t really remember what I was like in the past, and I feel confused. When I’m with my friends, I’m lively.”

He then shared a story regarding his on-set mother Yoon Se Ah and his real mother. He stated, “Once, I posted a photo I took with Yoon Se Ah on my social media. I also included a caption, but after 10 minutes, my mother called me. She said, ‘Try sending a heart to your actual mom.’ That’s why I wrote a letter and sent it through a message right away.”

Kim Dong Hee then sympathized with teenagers who feel academic stress as he remarked, “I hope [teenagers] can take on the challenge of trying out the things they want to do. I don’t think studying is everything.”

The actor then revealed his plans to appear in diverse projects and take on diverse roles this year.

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