Yang Yoseob Writes To Fans Ahead Of Enlistment, Shares Farewell Photos With Highlight Members

Ahead of his enlistment on January 24 as a policeman, Highlight’s Yang Yoseob left a handwritten letter for fans on his Instagram along with photos of him posing with each of the Highlight members, sporting his new regulation buzz cut.

Yang Yoseob wrote in the caption for his post, “I’m proud of my friends, who are busy preparing to meet with all of you. I’m worried that the long journey will be a hassle for them, so we’ve already said our goodbyes. My friends, I sincerely pray that you will be happy. As I’ve written in my letter, I will carry out my service with pleasure. I hope everyone stays well and happy!”

Here is Yang Yoseob’s letter:

Hello, this is Highlight’s Yoseob.

As you already know, I am enlisting in the military.

I’ll work hard to adapt to my new environment. Thinking about meeting new people and making memories, I’m a little excited, and I’m also a little worried, too.

In order to keep my promise to everyone that I will return a more handsome man, I’ll carry out my duties well, and I’ll sing for you when I return.

The time can be long or short depending on how you see it, but either way, I sincerely hope that it’s full of happiness for you.

In a way, I think this might be something that I’ve needed. Experiencing new things and being thrown into new situations, I think it’ll be an opportunity for me to organize my thoughts and become more mature.

So, I’ll carry out my service with pleasure.

I’ll dream of the day we meet again. Stay healthy.


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