Watch: f(x)'s Luna And BTOB's Minhyuk Look Back On Their Debut Performances On

f(x)’s Luna and BTOB’s Minhyuk recently appeared as guests on MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol”!

During the show, MCs Jo Se Ho, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, and Nam Chang Hee introduced a new segment of the show called “Back to the Debut.”

When Kwanghee asked Luna and Minhyuk if they remembered the early days of their debut, Luna answered, “Of course! It’s ‘La Cha Ta,'” and even gave a short demonstration of its choreography.

The MCs then asked Minhyuk about his debut track, to which he answered, “It’s ‘Secret.'” Kwanghee then had the set laughing as he asked, “Why is it a secret?” The MC later realized his mistake and apologized to Minhyuk as he stated, “I really liked ‘Beep Beep.'”

After introducing the singers’ debut tracks, the MCs then played f(x)’s “La Cha Ta” as Luna looked on with an excited smile. As she watched her group’s debut performance, Luna couldn’t help but dance along, executing the choreography perfectly.

As they finished watching the performance, the MCs asked Luna how old she had been when she first debuted. Luna answered, “I was 17. But why do I look older there?” to which Minhyuk reassured her that they always looked older when they looked back on past videos. Luna then continued to talk about the days of her debut as she said, “I still remember those days. I hadn’t been able to sleep for a week before I stood up on that stage.”

The MCs then introduced BTOB’s debut track “Secret.” As the MCs remarked that Minhyuk had been the center and cheered when his part was finally shown, Minhyuk laughed and clapped at his old appearance. When Luna commented, “You haven’t changed a bit,” Minhyuk wore a shy smile.

“Weekly Idol” airs on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. KST.

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