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On January 25, actress Kim Bo Ra sat down for an interview to talk about her latest drama “SKY Castle.”

In the JTBC drama, Kim Bo Ra plays the intelligent Kim Hye Na, a student at Shin Ah High School. After Hye Na’s fatal fall in episode 14, viewers were shocked to discover that Hye Na had been the illegitimate daughter of Kang Joon Sang (Jung Joon Ho).

Talking about Hye Na’s fall, Kim Bo Ra remarked, “I didn’t expect the fall to be this shocking. I heard about the scene from the director, but it was still shocking.”

The actress then mentioned her friendship with the other teen actors of “SKY Castle.” Kim Bo Ra revealed, “I became naturally close to [Kim Hye Yoon]. She came to me asking, ‘Unni, I can talk informally, right?’ We don’t have much of an age different, so we’re friendly with one another. We fought in the drama, but it was nice to go on set as if I were going to school.”

She continued, “[SF9’s] Chani has a quiet personality in real life. He’s good at receiving small jokes and his reactions are cute. There was a kiss scene [between us] in the middle [of the drama], but rather than feeling awkward, I felt sorry. Without realizing it, I became immersed in Hye Na and started to look at Chani as if I were really Hye Na. The scene was one where I took advantage of Woo Joo’s feelings, so I actually apologized while filming. I felt really sorry because it was an act to provoke Ye Seo [Kim Hye Yoon’s character].”

When asked if she thought Hye Na really liked Woo Joo, Kim Bo Ra replied, “She liked him both as a friend and romantically. However, because [Hye Na] had so many personal problems and emotions, those romantic feelings couldn’t be seen much. But because Hye Na is snappy, she knows who is on her side and who loves her. Hye Na didn’t just use Woo Joo the entire time. I think she had no choice but to do something like that to provoke Ye Seo.” Kim Bo Ra chose the word “sorry” for the last words she wanted to leave for Woo Joo in the drama.

Kim Bo Ra then mentioned the drama’s conclusion as she stated, “When people around me ask about the ending, I say I don’t know or I didn’t receive the script yet. I just read it, but I asked [those people] to wait another one or two weeks. Maybe it’s because I read it as Hye Na, but I personally felt that it was sad. It was really sentimental. The ending is satisfactory. I think we should give this answer for the article and say that I was in shock.”

The actress then concluded the interview by saying, “I feel like I’ve grown up ever since I met Hye Na in the drama. My acting style has changed and I can see that I’ve improved a lot as well. It’s not a burden, but it’s just a good feeling. But the thing that worries me a little is that Hye Na’s image is so great that I get called Hye Na in public. Even on my personal social media accounts, I get called Hye Na. I’m a little worried that I might be seen as Hye Na in my next project as well.”

“SKY Castle” is set to air its final episode next week.

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