Farewell, “Encounter!” The hit tvN drama starring Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo has come to an end.

With the airing of the finale, the cast shared their closing feelings and comments. On January 25, Song Hye Kyo expressed her gratefulness to the viewers for loving the drama and uploaded a behind-the-scenes clip with her co-star Park Bo Gum.

Through Blossom Entertainment, Park Bo Gum shared, “Hello! This is Park Bo Gum. After reading the script for ‘Encounter’ for the first time, I filmed it half with anticipation and half with excitement. Of course, I was deeply immersed in the warm thrill and aftertaste of the work, as well as the beautiful scenes in Cuba.”

Then he commented about his character Kim Jin Hyuk, saying, “I think Jin Hyuk caught my eye because he was similar to me and I had a lot to learn from him. I learned a lot from Jin Hyuk, who gave warmth to his family, friends, lovers, and others, and I think the viewers liked him and cheered for him because of this.”

He added, “Thank you again to the directors, writers, and all the crew members who worked hard to create a good production in the cold weather. I hope that ‘Encounter’ will be remembered in the hearts of viewers for a long time like a fairy tale.”

Kim Joo Heon had played Lee Dae Chan, one of Kim Jin Hyuk’s good friends. He uploaded a photo of a hand-written letter on Salt Entertainment’s Instagram that read, “I received ‘love’ and ‘consideration’ through the drama ‘Encounter’ and learned ‘courage’ and ‘warmth’ from Dae Chan. Thank you for loving ‘Encounter’ all this time.”

Baek Ji won, who had played Kim Jin Hyuk’s mother, commented, “I learned many things during the time I was with my long-cherished ‘Encounter,’ and I was happy. I feel sorry and sad to say good-bye to the characters I’ve been with all this time. The cast and crew worked every hard. I really appreciate the viewers who have loved ‘Encounter’. Thank you.”

Jeon So Nee became well-known through “Encounter” with her realistic acting. Despite the fact that this was her first drama since her debut, she perfectly captured the emotions of her character’s friendship and unrequited love with Kim Jin Hyuk and received the support and affection of viewers at the same time.

The actress commented, “I can’t believe it’s already the end. It doesn’t feel real. I was worried because it was my first drama, but fortunately, I met such great actors and got a lot of help. Thanks to them, I was able to adjust to the scene in no time.”

Then she expressed her gratefulness to the viewers, saying, “Thank you so much for supporting Hye In [her character]. While acting, I looked at things from her perspective, and I always felt sorry for her. I was grateful that there were people besides me who thought so. Thank you for watching until the end.”

In the drama, Kim Hye Eun played the role of Kim Sun Joo, the head of the public relations team of Donghwa Hotel with a strong yet supportive leadership. Through her label 1N1 Stars, she shared her final thoughts on the drama coming to an end. She said, “True love that overcame wealth and honor. I was very excited while participating in this drama. I am grateful to the teamwork with my co-stars on the public relations team. It was valuable to feel the energy of warm love. Thank you for loving me so much.”

Go Chang Suk, who warmed viewers’ hearts with his generous character and soft charm in “Encounter,” expressed his gratitude. He said, “Thank you to all the viewers who loved ‘Encounter’. Nam Myeong Sik, the character I played, was like a shelter with a warm charm in it. I was happy to meet such a great character, and I also tried to make the audience feel comfortable. The directors and writers, who created a filming atmosphere that was as warm as the tender story, as well as the cast and crew worked hard. I will see you again with various works in the future.”

“Encounter” ended on January 24 with a total of 16 episodes.

If you haven’t already, watch the final episode below:

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