Park Bo Gum Reveals His Dating Style, BTS’s Comments About “Encounter,” And More

On January 28, Park Bo Gum sat down for an interview about his recent drama “Encounter” and talked about acting with Song Hye Kyo, his dating style, what his friend BTS’s V had to say about “Encounter,” and more.

Regarding Song Hye Kyo, he said, “First of all, it was amazing that I got to work with her. She treated me very well and portrayed her character Cha Soo Hyun so skillfully that I could completely focus on my own role as Kim Jin Hyuk,” and added, “She’s a senior compared to me so there was a lot to learn from her. There weren’t any difficulties on set. I could tell that she had accumulated a lot of experience through her previous works.”

When asked if Song Hye Kyo’s husband Song Joong Ki told him anything, Park Bo Gum answered, “He didn’t say anything in particular. I think he was busy filming for ‘Asadal.'”

Moving on to Park Bo Gum’s role in “Encounter,” he described Kim Jin Hyuk as “someone who knows the value behind the small things, rather than someone like Don Quijote who acts recklessly.” He explained, “I think he’s a very special person. He’s someone who knows how to return the love that he receives. That’s why it wasn’t difficult or stressful to play this role.”

He shared his thoughts on his character Kim Jin Hyuk who has a very straightforward style of dating. He said, “In my case, I would be more careful. I’m similar with him in terms of the way I think about my significant other, but Jin Hyuk is more expressive. I express my feelings too, but I also feel like it could be taken as too much. We have different dating styles in that I think more about how the other person feels, even though we both express our feelings.”

Park Bo Gum is known for his close friendship with BTS’s V. Asked if V had watched “Encounter,” Park Bo Gum explained that V couldn’t watch the episodes that were broadcasted around the end of last year because he was too busy. He added, “But the BTS members personally told me their thoughts about the drama. I was really thankful that they took time out of their busy schedule and gave me some feedback.”

In terms of plans for future projects, Park Bo Gum said, “I haven’t been able to look over very many scenarios. I’m thinking I’ll probably choose a role that’s the complete opposite of Kim Jin Hyuk for my next one.”

Watch the final episode of “Encounter” below if you haven’t already!

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