Update: Park Woo Jin And Lee Dae Hwi Share Live Performance Video Of Special Single “Candle”

Updated February 8 KST:

Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi have shared a special performance video of their song “Candle”!

During a V Live broadcast, the two had promised to film a performance of the song if they entered the top 100 charts on music streaming sites, which they succeeded in doing as the song continues to do well on the charts.

Check out the video below!

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Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi have surprised fans with a special song!

To celebrate Lee Dae Hwi’s birthday following the conclusion of their activities as Wanna One, the duo has released an R&B hip hop track called “Candle,” which talks about lighting a candle as you wait for your loved one in the cold winter. Lee Dae Hwi was in charge of composing, producing, and writing lyrics for the song, and Park Woo Jin also showcased his talents as a lyricist as he wrote his own rap verses.

The witty cover art for the digital single also catches one’s eye as it not only incorporates many different kinds of candles, but it also includes stuffed animal versions of a sparrow and otter, the two animals fans associate with Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi respectively.

Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi stated, “We are well aware of the fact that without our fans, we wouldn’t be here. Though there isn’t anything we could do that could properly repay our fans for their love, we wanted to at least show them that the love they send us is not one-sided, and that we’re also thinking of and loving our fans.” They added, “‘Candle’ is a song that reflects those sentiments, and we hope that the song will bring a little warmth to our fans this cold winter.”

MXM’s Lim Young Min, who is set to join the duo in debut preparations, along with Kim Dong Hyun, for the upcoming group Brand New Boys, showed his support for the song as he wrote, “Our Dae Hwi and Woo Jin have been receiving so much love from so many people, and they have released a song to express their gratitude to the people who have been their light. As the oldest member [of Brand New Boys], I recommend this song for you today! Please continue to anticipate us, Dae Hwi, Woo Jin, Dong Hyun, and Young Min, as we will continue to light the way!” He shared a screenshot of the song and wrote, “Happy birthday Dae Hwi. Woo Jin, you’ve worked hard.”

Listen to the song on music sites like Melon or Spotify!

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